Energy efficient software development made easy

Gain complete insight into how your code drains energy in less than 60 secs.

Cut development time and cost by 25%.

Energy optimize code at all instances of the stack. 

Deep insights for every line of code

For every new code line flashed to the device, there is a simple and insightful way of ensuring energy efficiency. 

Our solutions provide real-time system-level measurements of the energy consumed for as long as you wish. An accurate power profile over time, in sync with your software outputs, gives unmatched insights into what drains the energy. 

Power, flash and measure all in one set-up for every code change. Deliver quality code consistently.

Power measurements in continuous integration

Delivering energy-efficient software needs continuity and consistency. Our solutions enable easy integration of power measurements in the project’s continuous integration set-up. 

Every code line matters. Every change can make or break your product’s energy profile.

Avoid power consumption firefighting in product development and maintenance. Save time and cost. 

Energy optimization throughout the stack

Energy consumption is a full stack responsibility. Whether you are coding embedded, device drivers, protocols, desktop and mobile applications, or cloud, we have features to enable ease of use and sync with software, from a device or the ecosystem, for fast insights on how the system energy consumption is affected.

Apply a low-power mindset in all instances. Deliver energy-efficient software.

Proven tools for every developer’s desktop.

Used for: 

  • power analysis of firmware and software
  • debugging and troubleshooting of embedded systems
  • energy optimization of applications (mobile and desktop)
  • energy consumption testing in continuous integration set-ups (e.g. with Jenkins)

Here are software developers’ favorites!

Otii box

Otii Arc

Supply/source up to 5 V. 
Sampling rate up to 4 ksps.

Incl. free Basic Otii Software

From $799

Otii Ace

Supply/source up to 25 V. 
Sampling rate up to 50 ksps.

Incl. 1 year Pro Otii Software subscription



works on all Otii boxes

Software add-ons

works on all Otii boxes

Otii Pro

The developer’s HERO software for everyday low-power measurements and optimization tasks. 

$199 /year

Introduction offer:

$149 /year or $14 /month

Otii Automation Toolbox

Automate your measurements with a wide range of scripting capabilities. Sync logs from external sources with the measurements. 

$599 /year or $59 /month

Otii Battery Toolbox


Profile and emulate batteries for your specific application. Get a reliable battery life estimation throughout your project.

$499 /year or $49 /month

Implement a low-power mindset throughout the software stack


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