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Otii Software

Otii Software

Otii software works on any chosen Otii hardware. All Otii hardware come with a free Otii Basic license + 1 year Pro license.

Otii software runs on Windows, Ubuntu and macOS.

Software comparison

Feature Basic Pro
Basic measurements (current, voltage, power)
GPI measurements
ADC (sub-system) measurements
Save/load projects
Basic statistics
Unlimited undo/redo
Offset calibration
Export CSV
Export project
Multiple recordings
Record more than 10 minutes
Record UART logs
Sync data with UART logs
Sync multiple recordings
Multiple Otii boxes
Set sample rate (Otii Ace Pro only)
Customize statistics
Filter log
Battery life calculator
4-wire support
In-line measurement support (Otii Ace Pro only)
Offline license

Otii Pro add-ons

Otii Pro

All the Otii Toolboxes require an Otii Pro license.

Feature Otii Automation Toolbox Otii Battery Toolbox
Scripting in any language using JSON API
Packaged scripting modules available for Python, Matlab, C#, Java
Battery emulation
Battery profiling
Battery validation

Want to manage shared or offline licenses, or looking for volume licenses across the teams?

Legacy Otii Arc users can upgrade from Otii 2 software to Otii 3 software using Otii Basic, Standard or Pro license.