Software releases

Software release 2.7.5

Aug 25, 2021
  • Minor bug correction in TCP server
  • Minor bug correction in Battery Profiling regarding number of iterations
  • Improvement in license handling

Software release 2.7.4

Mar 15, 2021
  • Stability improvements for licenses
  • Added possibility to see UTC wall time in UART log window
  • Make relative project save paths work through TCP server on Windows
  • Removed faulty information in the battery profiling log file

Software Release 2.7.3

Nov 18, 2020
  • Updated documentation for the new battery estimator.
  • Tested with macOS Big Sur.

Software Release 2.7.2

Nov 9, 2020
  • Battery lifetime calculation tool added.
  • Battery profiling constant power range extended (minimum lowered to 100uW).
  • CSV export:
    • Escape and quote all fields.
    • Wall-clock time as timestamp can be configured in Preferences.
  • Recording start time can now be retrieved through TCP Server.
  • A custom line termination character instead of CR and/or LF can now be configured for UART log data.

Software Release 2.7.1

Sep 10, 2020
  • Increased max iterations in battery profiling to 2 million.
  • Allow binary data to be sent with TCP write_tx.
  • Added new commands to the TCP server:
    • Battery profiling commands
    • arc_get_src_cur_limit_enabled/arc_set_src_cur_limit_enabled
    • arc_get_4wire/arc_set_4wire
  • Added option to automatically return licenses when closing application.
  • Added option in otiicli to set listening address and port.

Software release 2.7.0

Aug 22, 2020
  • Added support for Otii Automation Toolbox (additional license required).
  • Added support for Otii Log Toolbox (additional license required).
  • Added support for proxy authentication.
  • Performance and stability improvements of the licensing.
  • otiicli is updated with options to reserve a specific license or several licenses at the same time (relevant for Enterprise, All-Pack and all the Toolboxes)
    • >otiicli -h shows all options for otiicli
    • Option -i should be followed with the ID of the license to be reserved.
    • Option -L now returns the list, with ID’s, of the licenses connected to the user logged in.

Software release 2.6.3

Jun 10, 2020
  • Improved battery profiling:
    Constant power and constant resistance discharge added.
    Mega (M), kilo (k), milli (m) and micro (u/µ) input field unit prefix supported.
  • Added simulator to make it possible to try out the software without an Arc connected.

Software release 2.6.2

Nov 14, 2019
  • Removed log output from battery profiling window to improve performance.
  • Selection with mouse in the scripting window is now working again.

Software release 2.6.1

Nov 12, 2019
  • Possible to change the location for the current open project.
  • Improved device discovery on Ubuntu.
  • Added shutdown command to TCP server.
  • Improved battery profiling dialog.
  • Support for macOS Catalina
  • Minor UI improvements.

Software release 2.6.0

Oct 7, 2019
  • Added support for Otii Battery Toolbox (additional license required).
  • Battery profiling from the UI.
  • Added API for importing logs to Lua scripting and TCP Server API.
  • Added optional timestamp to the log method in Lua.
  • Added the log request to the TCP-server.
  • Removed support for the Nordic PPK.

Software release 2.5.4

Jul 9, 2019
  • Statistics are now correctly sorted when opening a project with more than two recordings.
  • It is now possible to use virtual com devices in Windows.
  • All visible values in the log window are now copied to the clipboard.
  • TCP server changes:
    Added command for setting main current.
    Added command for setting power mode.
  • Documentation updates.

Software release 2.5.3

Apr 26, 2019
  • Move simulation of batteries in series and parallel to Premium.
  • Improve meters to actually work with several connected devices.
  • Show/hide recordings by double clicking them.
  • Fix the wall clock log time.
  • Scrollbar improvements.
  • Documentation updates.

Software release 2.5.2

Apr 3, 2019
  • Various improvements to drag selection.
  • Add current limiting as an alternative to cut-off when over-current is reached.

Software release 2.5.1

Mar 22, 2019
  • Add support for moving a selection without changing the size of it.
  • The grey selection boxes will now stick to the edge of the graph area.
  • Fix copying of UART log to the clipboard.
  • Fix -0.001 timestamp in UART log when more than one line was received in the same millisecond.
  • Set the correct status of GPO and 5V in UI when starting Otii (requires firmware 1.1.2).
  • Linux: Fix missing preference dialog.
  • Linux: Remove dependency to libssl-dev as it was no longer needed.
  • Lua scripting changes:
    Add support for setting Arc in constant current mode when over-current is reached, instead of disconnecting your DUT.

Software release 2.5.0

Mar 15, 2019
  • Important: When getting rx data with get_channel_data in Lua, all control codes will now be stripped. If you want them, set the new optional argument to false.
  • Add TCP Server. You can now access Otii over TCP from the language of your choice. Enterprise license required.
  • Add support for more than 5 simultaneous devices.
  • Add Save As PNG in the graph context menu.
  • Add GPO and 5V control below the power switch for Arc. HW 1.1 or later required for 5V.
  • Improve the log view with a few new options. It’s now possible to show the delta time between log prints, as well as the wall clock. It’s also possible to show, or strip, control codes.
  • Add release notes into the application. They will pop up once for each new release. Also accessible from the Help menu.
  • Add zoom in/out on CTRL +/-.
  • Add possibility to set batteries in series and parallel when using the battery simulator. Enterprise license required.
  • Lua scripting changes:
    Add support for setting and getting the offset of a recording.
    Add support for format the timestamp using the timestamp() function.
    Correct otii.mkdir for relative paths.

Software release 2.4.0

Dec 19, 2018
  • Add Set Height… to the graph context menu. This enables you to specify the min and max value for the Y-axis.
  • Add Goto Time… to the graph context menu.
  • Add a preference to enable HighDPI support.
  • Move visualizations to the bottom of the sidebar to allow more space for recordings.
  • Always show decimal format in statistics. Avoid scientific notation and prevent showing ridiculously small numbers.
  • Clear uart buffer when starting new recording. Sometimes data from a previous recording was added in the beginning.
  • Fail opening a project instantly if there’s insufficient space in the temporary storage location.
  • Fix a bug which caused statistics not to be updated when a recording was unhidden.
  • Add a new and improved battery profiling example script.
  • Help updates.

Software release 2.3.0

Dec 5, 2018
  • Add ability to offset a recording by making a selection and then right-clicking the recording in the recording list.
  • Delay calculation of statistics slightly. This lets you make a more accurate selection and then have the statistics calculated. The delay can be configured in preferences.
  • Improve speed of firmware upgrade. This requires firmware 1.1.0 or later.
  • Add a button in the graph view to clear the current selection.
  • Many improvements related to Arc rx/tx baud rate.
  • Stop calculating graph data for graphs that are not visible. Improves performance of drawing if you hide graphs.
  • Remove hidden recordings from statistics view. This way we don’t have to calculate them, which improves performance.
  • Improve error handling when saving projects. Also fix saving projects while recording is ongoing.
  • Remove recordings without any data left after cropping.
  • Help updates.
  • Scripting updates:
    Add enable_5v command to enable the +5V pin. Please note, this needs hardware revision 1.1 or later to function as expected.
    Make project:start and project:stop wait for completion. Earlier the Lua script would continue before the project was started/stopped.
    Fix a crash when renaming a recording and passing an invalid recording id from Lua.

Software release 2.2.1

Oct 2, 2018
  • Enhance security by updating certificate pinning. To continue using premium license after 24th of October, you must update.
  • Add support for international characters in project filenames.
  • Add a dialog to Otii that informs you if otiicli is already running. Also improve detection of running Otii/otiicli.
  • Add a preference to not show the calibration reminder.
  • Handle project files with spaces correctly on Linux when double clicked.
  • Help updates.

Software release 2.2.0

Sep 17, 2018
  • To benefit from all these changes, make sure to update to 1.0.10 firmware.
  • Add support for Tx in the Arc and Uart log views.
  • Energy is now stored internally as joules. When opening an old project it will be converted.
  • Add a junit.lua example script. It’s intended to be used as a base for continuous integration setups.
  • Add a check box in the Scripting window to open the same file the next time you launch Otii.
  • Add a confirmation dialog when deleting a recording.
  • Uart Rx no longer discards one character if LFCR was used for line ending instead of CRLF.
  • Fix Uart Rx when using multiple Arcs. The data could get mixed up between devices.
  • Add a scrollbar to expanded graph statistics.
  • Fix two crashes.
  • Help and scripting documentation updates.
  • Scripting updates:
    Improve write_tx command. It no longer interferes with your line endings.
    Fix battery profiling when using multiple Arcs in the same Lua script. The data could get mixed up between the devices.

Software release 2.1.0

Aug 22, 2018
  • Remove Standard licenses and make Standard variant the default one.
  • Fix installer SSL dependency for Ubuntu 18.04.
  • In the Licenses window you can now decide for how long you wish to reserve your license.
    Please note that long reservations risk locking your license if something happens to your computer.
  • Show time remaining instead of expiry time for license reservations.
  • Don’t show expired licenses in the Licenses window by default.
  • Add a grid and current value line to battery profile graph.
  • Add a notification that reminds you to calibrate your Arc after it has warmed up.
  • Add a warning when opening a project with different supply voltage.
  • When exporting a recording to CSV, the last path used is now remembered.
  • Fix a bug where the same battery profiles could be added multiple times.
  • Improve error handling when changing the name of your Arc.
  • Improve error handling when jwt refresh token has expired.
  • Fixed a crash if the Arc sent an alert early after being connected.
  • Lower CPU usage a bit when Otii is idle.
  • Add a Help button in the Scripting window.
  • Help and scripting documentation updates.
  • Scripting updates:
    Add scripting function format_value which will help with unit coversion.
    Add channels ‘me’ (Main energy) and ‘ae’ (ADC energy) to scripting.
    Fix logger.lua module not always printing the value.

Software release 2.0.0

May 14, 2018
  • All Lua commands now expect and return SI units, volts instead of millivolts etc.
    Please note that this may break backward compatibility for existing scripts.
    The command msleep remains the same, still expecting milliseconds.
    The command get_devices will now require a device type and should currently always be set to ‘Arc’. This is added to cause early failure on all existing scripts so you don’t accidentally continue with incorrect units.
  • Support for NordicPPK is now disabled by default, you can enable it in preferences.
  • OpenGL rendering is now enabled by default on all platforms. If you experience any problems with this you can turn it off in preferences.
  • Improve battery simulation:
    Functionality move to firmware which makes it much more responsive.
    The UI is reworked and now reflects the current state when tracking.
    Lua scripting functions are added to control battery simulation from script.
    Make sure to upgrade your firmware to 1.0.8.
  • Add support for GPI pins in UI. You can now visualize them along with other graphs.
  • Add support for the SENSE pins. Before using them make sure that they are calibrated. See the documentation for information about this.
  • Redesign the calibration dialog. Enable selection of device(s) to calibrate and add support for calibrating SENSE pins.
  • Make the sidebar on the left resizable.
  • Add support to compress the .otii project file. This is enabled by default in preferences.
  • Add a notification for new firmware available for your Arc.
  • Show disconnected in project settings when Arc or PPK is disconnected.
  • Prevent sleep mode on Windows while Otii is running with Arc connected.
  • Add an info tab to the Arc project settings. It shows what HW & FW version is in use and provides easy access to name change.
  • Add an info tab to the Uart project settings. It shows information about the Uart device such as port, vendor id and product id. There’s also a button to press if you never wish to see this type of device again.
  • Handle CTRL+C in otiicli and exit more gracefully.
  • Add a copy command to the log view (and CTRL+C / CMD+C shortcut).
  • Don’t allow cropping away more than 95% of data without a warning to prevent accidentally cropping away all data.
  • Add alerts for common hardware error conditions, e.g. low vbus and over voltage.
  • Timestamp in CSV export is now in seconds. Also increase precision for samples.
  • Add headers to CSV export so you know what the different columns are.
  • Add a notification if export to CSV fails. It failed silently before.
  • Various fixes when re-assigning a project to a different Arc.
  • Improve default zoom state and positioning of graphs.
  • Fix a few scenarios where the battery list was not updated correctly.
  • Device name should now be updated in all places when you rename your Arc.
  • Fix a bug where a license could be locked in some scenarios.
  • otiicli now logs to otiicli.log in the otii folder of your documentation folder.
  • Print warnings to stdout when running otiicli.
  • Print warning when starting otiicli with otii running.
  • Lots of UI improvements.
  • Numerous other minor bug corrections.
  • Fix a few crashes.
  • Lua scripting updates:
    Add channels vb (VBUS voltage), vj (DC-jack voltage) & tp (temperature).
    Enhance battery profiling capabilities. You can now specify constant-power and constant-resistance in your battery profile.
    Improve error handling, in particular for errors in the onStop-handler.
    Add a rename_recording function.
    get_devices now only return devices which are connected.
    Update project:save to return an error when saving fails.
    Add support for doing 4-wire measurements using SENSE.
    Add support for setting an internal resistance to be emulated in the Arc.
    Fix UART RX support.
    Add support for get_version to also provide firmware version.
    Updates to example scripts.

Software release 1.5.5

Mar 27, 2018
  • Update welcome screen with social media links.
  • Show warning when premium license is about to, or has, expired.
  • Add new help menu items to easily access shop & resources.
  • Fix a bug where projects were saved incorrectly in some scenarios.

Software release 1.5.4

Mar 1, 2018
  • Qoitech will migrate its backend services to a new system on the 10th of March 2018. This release is a preparation of that, and supports both the old and the new backend. Be advised that there might be interruptions in services on March 10th. When the move is completed, all users will need to reset their password as we’re unable to migrate those due to security reasons.

Software release 1.5.3

Dec 13, 2017
  • Fix a problem introduced in 1.5.2 where Otii Arc could get stuck in high current measurement range.
  • Minor UI improvements.

Software release 1.5.2

Nov 29, 2017
  • Improve downsampling dialog. You can now select which recording to downsample, and see what the current sample frequency is.
  • Add option in Windows installer to add Otii directory to PATH.
  • Add support to reassign a file project to the Arc.
  • Logs added with otii.log in script will now be visible when project is loaded.
  • Update the Run button in the scripting window correctly, fixes crash when running a script when a script was already running.
  • Correct energy calculation for ADC channel after data was cropped.
  • Truncate the otii.log file when exiting application.

Software release 1.5.1

Nov 7, 2017
  • Change so otiicli exits with error code 3 if the Lua script failed.
  • Improve sizing of the message column in log view and history window.
  • Additional fixes to the new log view.

Software release 1.5.0

Oct 25, 2017
  • Premium: Add feature to import existing log files into the project.
  • Rework the log view, it should now work better with many recordings.
  • Show the splash screen again when closing a project.
  • Connected Otii Arc grants standard license, you no longer need an account to use the Otii Arc.
  • Use proxy settings from Gnome if available.
  • New more usable file dialogs on Linux.
  • The max supply voltage you can set is now updated dynamically depending on presence of DC-jack and if you are in auto current range or not.
  • Fix that the Otii Arc reverts back to a previous name when opening an old project.
  • Selection is now correctly moved when resizing the Otii window.
  • Default to all files in file dialogs on Linux.
  • Reduce Debian package size by better compression.
  • Updates to included help.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.

Software release 1.4.1

Sep 14, 2017

Fix error when saving project from script.

Software release 1.4.0

Sep 7, 2017
  • Add a progress bar when loading and saving projects.
  • Add support for Nordic PPK in the 64-bit application. Discontinue the 32 bit one.
  • Add support for Nordic PPK firmware version 1.1.0.
  • Update bundled jlink and nrfjprog libraries.
  • Add support to lock measurements to the high interval (83 uA steps).
  • Add an alert if application can’t write to configuration file.
  • Add a simple preference dialog for setting proxy host & port.
  • Several improvements to license handling.
  • Fix so your connected Arc does not change name when re-assigning a project.
  • Improve handling of network errors when trying to update login. Now it should retry periodically.
  • Updates to the bundled help.
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes. 

Software release 1.3.2

Aug 7, 2017

Fix an issue with automatic license renewal.

Software release 1.3.1

Jul 13, 2017
  • Improve behavior when network is missing in login and license dialogs.
  • Make handling of login credentials and license information more robust.
  • Fix some special scenarios of reassigning from one Arc to another when loading a project.
  • Fix window decorations for login and license windows on Windows.

Software release 1.3.0

Jun 29, 2017
  • This release adds support for our Arc hardware which brings features such as battery simulation and scripting. See features for more details.
  • Add shortcut for clear selection (CTRL+SHIFT+A / SHIFT+CMD+A).
  • Improve input boxes in settings, (e.g. correct handling of comma separator).
  • Reduce RAM usage per recording.
  • Update the included help.
  • Improve handling of temporary directory for current project.
  • Reduce time to start a recording, especially on Windows.
  • Add more baudrates to UART settings.
  • Fix an offset error in the graph drawing that resulted in incorrect data.
  • Fix a problem where deleted data wasn’t deleted from saved project.
  • Fix a graph problem where a horizontal line was drawn to the beginning of time.
  • Better handling of projects with mixed recordings from different devices connected at different times.
  • Menus are now enabled when the start screen is visible.
  • Ask user if the want to discard current project before opening the file open dialog instead of after.
  • Fix Save As shortcut on Windows (CTRL+SHIFT+S).

Software release 1.2.0

Apr 13, 2017
  • Extend trial period to end of June.
  • Greatly reduce RAM usage.
  • New plot view concept:
    Possible to fit width / height independently of each other.
    Changed the pause/resume behavior to only affect “follow graph”, recording always continues.
    Add select all.
    Add fit selection.
    Button on every graph to control the view.
  • Add crop functionality.
  • Add downsampling functionality.
  • Add a line selection that follows cursor when nothing is selected, updates statistics on the fly.
  • Add support to resize your selection by dragging at it’s edges.
  • Add support to make selections down to a microsecond (previous milliseconds)
  • Update statistics display, should hopefully be easier to see which belongs to which graph now.
  • Now pause scrolling when clicking on scrollbars and log view.
  • Fix a situation where UART logging would not work in a new project if it was enabled in the previous project.
  • General improvements to scrollbars.
  • Correct average calculations. Earlier we used an approximation but now we calculate the exact value.
  • Correct energy calculations. It now interpolates correctly if you make a selection that starts or ends between samples.
  • Fix Linux graphic issues, for real this time.
  • Add support for individual power switches.
  • Settings window is now only on top of application and not on top of all windows.
  • Fix a crash when enabling a data source during an ongoing recording.
  • Fix a crash in the rare case that two red notifications were to be shown.
  • Performance improvements in the graph drawing.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Software release 1.1.1

Feb 1, 2017
  • Statistics are now updated when offset for recording is changed.
  • Average current measurement is now enabled by default.
  • Zooming with wheel changed. Default is to zoom x-axis only, hold alt to zoom in y-axis instead.
  • Installer for macOS is now signed with Apple certificate.
  • Various fixes to scrolling and scrollbars.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Software release 1.1.0

Dec 8, 2016
  • A bug relating to Nordic PPK trigger values corrected. Trigger measurement values are now correct.
  • Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package included in Windows installer to ease installation.
  • Drag tool added. It allows you to pan around in the graphs. Keyboard shortcut “D” added next to zoom “Z” and select “S”
  • Capability to recover unsaved project added. Useful if application terminates unexpectedly.
  • Other minor stability fixes added and bugs fixed.

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