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Frequently asked questions

Tech and product

Why do we call it Otii?

Otii comes from Latin word meaning rest or peace.

It is idle mode in technical terms. Idle mode is a desired activity state for any mobile and IoT devices. Because the more the device is in idle mode, the less energy is consumed. And this assures that the design is done right.

With our Otii solution, you as the developer will have a perfect tool that help you optimize and secure longevity of the battery and your product.

What is Otii Arc?

Otii Arc is an instrument that can precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current. It computes power and energy and enables engineers and developers to easily see and optimize the energy consumption and battery life of their devices under test. 

You can check out all the details and information about Otii Arc and how to use it here.

What is Otii Ace Pro?

Otii Ace Pro is the big brother to Otii Arc, and is an instrument that can precisely source voltage (up to 25 V) or current (up to 5A) and simultaneously measures voltage and/or current with a high sample rate and low step size (50ksps). It computes power and energy and enables engineers and developers to easily see and optimize the energy consumption and battery life of their devices under test. 

You can check out all the details and information about Otii Ace Pro and how to use it here.

What is the difference between Otii Arc and Otii Ace Pro?

The main difference between the Otii Arc and Otii Ace Pro hardware is in the power supply and sampling rate. Otii Arc goes up to 5 V and has the sampling rate of 4ksps, while Otii Ace goes up to 25 V and has the sampling rate of 50 ksps.

Here is the detailed hardware comparison between Otii Arc and Otii Ace Pro.

What is included when I purchase Otii?

When you purchase Otii Arc, you will receive Otii Arc and a USB micro-B cable in the package. Otii Arc works with all Otii Basic Software which is free and perpetual.

When you purchase Otii Ace Pro, you will receive Otii Ace Pro with 1-year free Otii Pro Software, a USB C cable and a USB A to USB C adapter in the package.

How do I create a Qoitech account?

Sign up your account at

Qoitech account is required for downloading software, registering hardware, logging into the Otii application and reserving your license. Your Qoitech account will also allow you to post on the forum and submit support case to us. The username you select is used to login to your account and as your alias when posting on the forum.

To finalize the registration, you will be required to enter the verification code that is sent to your registered email address.

Where can I find the Otii software?

Both Otii Basic Software and Otii Pro software can be downloaded from

You will be required to sign up/sign in to your Qoitech account before downloading the software.

Otii Pro Software will require your subscription purchase. You can choose to subscribe monthly or yearly. Check out our Pro subscription plans and benefits here.

Which operating systems does Otii support?

Otii Basic and PRO Software support Windows, macOS and Linux (Ubuntu).

Otii PRO Software could run on embedded platforms like Raspberry Pi and the Cloud.

What battery model is used when Otii emulates a battery with Otii Battery Toolbox?

Otii models the battery with an OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) and Ri (internal resistance of the battery). OCV and Ri is measured for the complete capacity of the battery and is stored in a battery profile .json file. The resolution of the Ri is dependent on the difference between the high-current and the low-current during the profiling so a low resistance battery, for example Li-Ion, needs a bigger difference between high-current and low-current, than when profiling a high resistance battery, for example a coin-cell.

Why does ADC measure differently than main current measurement?

If you supply your device with main current and at the same time measuring the current consumption over a sense resistor into ADC, the measurements will not be the same.

The reasons are:

  1. The current measurement resolution is higher for the main current measurement than for the ADC current measurement due to that main current measurement switches between different intervals
  2. For Otii Arc and Otii Arc Pro there is a leakage into the ADC pins, in the order of 10uA, and this current will be measured by the main current measurement but not by the ADC current measurement.
  3. There is a bigger offset error for the ADC measurement than for the main current measurement.

Due to this, you will get the most accurate measurement by using the main current measurement.

How does Otii Arc handle short pulses since the sampling rate is 4ksps?

Check out our blog post and a short video where we show how Otii Arc measures short pulses.


What subscription options are there?

Qoitech provides the most efficient developer’s hero tool, Otii Pro Software in addition with 2 Add-on Toolboxes which are Automation Toolbox and Battery Toolbox.

How to subscribe to Pro?

You can purchase Otii Pro Software monthly or yearly. The subscription renews automatically. Subscribing to Otii Pro Software will allow you to purchase our add-on toolboxes: Otii Automation Toolbox and Otii Battery Toolbox. You can start and cancel these at anytime.

Each registered user and subscription license purchased is valid for one computer. 

Why should I subscribe?

With Otii Pro subscription, whether you choose to have it monthly or yearly, you will immediately get access to the software features that will save you time and money in your everyday energy optimization tasks. You will also receive quarterly updates, performance improvements and feature releases developed by our professional developer team reflecting your and your peers’ needs. Furthermore, you will be eligible for support from our fantastic power experts.

Why the change to subscription model?

For us to run a sustainable business and develop high-value products and services to help you reach your goals, our business model needs to reflect the value we create for our customers.

We are working hard to support your goals of achieving long-lived products and fully utilizing batteries and energy harvesters quickly and cost-efficiently. We understand that needs can differ in different companies, so we offer the possibility to configure the best set-up of products and services for your company’s needs through Enterprise packaging. Tell us about your needs here.

How to get Add-on Toolboxes?

Once you subscribe to Otii Pro Software, either monthly or yearly, you will have access to select and purchase your favored software add-on, the Otii Battery or/and Automation Toolbox. You can start and cancel these at any time.

How do I activate my license?

Otii Pro Software, Otii Automation Toolbox and Battery Toolbox licenses will be activated automatically when you purchase the subscription. Otii Basic Software requires no license.

How do I reserve my license in Otii application?

To use Otii Pro Software, Otii Automation Toolbox and Battery Toolbox, the license needs to be reserved. You reserve and release a license in the User Management in the Otii desktop application.

Can several users use the same license?

Each registered user and subscription license purchased is valid for one computer. You can’t activate your license on two or more different computers at the same time.

How can I retain my Add-on Toolboxes?

You can always retain your favourable Add-on Toolboxes on your Qoitech account.

Please acknowledge that you cannot purchase any Add-on Toolboxes before subscribing to Otii Pro Software.

How to cancel subscription plan?

You can easily cancel the add-on Toolbox in your Qoitech account in user management. We will only bill you for the actual time duration of the subscription.

You can also cancel the Otii Pro software subscription in your account. You will then get reverted to Otii Basic software. Note that once you cancel the Pro subscription, you will no longer be able to use any Toolbox.

You can always resubscribe to Otii Pro software and pick up any add-on Toolbox at any time.

What are the purchase terms for the subscription?

See Purchase Terms.

If you have issues regarding purchasing our Otii PRO Software subscription and Add-on Toolbox, please contact our partner Fastspring Consumer Support and fill out the form regarding your issue here.

How can I request Enterprise or customized plan?

If you are looking for a customized plan for your team’s and company’s needs, please contact our Sales team directly. We will be more than happy to respond to your request and help you achieve your project or business goal with our most suitable tools.

Payment and shipment

Having issues with Otii Software Payment

Our e-commerce platform is provided by FastSpring.

For the most convenience and fastest response, please contact Fastspring Consumer Support and fill out the form regarding your issue here.

Having issues with Otii Arc, Otii Arc Pro Payment and Shipping

Please directly contact our distributors that you make the purchase from for the most convenience and fastest response.

Having issues with Otii Ace Payment and Shipping

Contact our sales team for reporting any payment issue or tracking your shipping.

Warranty and Return Policy

It is possible to return your Otii Arc, Otii Arc Pro and Otii Ace Pro back to us within 14 days from purchase regard to our 14 days return policy.

We as well maintain 12 months warranty for hardware faults on the condition that it is not from misuse of the device.

Contact Sales

If you have any other questions contact our Sales team – we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. 


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