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Energy-efficient products make excellent business and a better world.

More than 30% of energy in batteries is unused due to a bad match between the application/device and the battery. You can choose not to throw it away. Ask for energy-efficient products, or better yet, make them!

At Qoitech, we are ardent about long-lived products. We strive to make the most effective developer tools for energy optimization, battery testing and predictive battery life analytics, regardless of industry. By enabling ease of use, our products help developers and engineers throughout the stack to develop for longer battery life, shorter development cycles and lower maintenance cost. But foremost, we provide our customers with the most cost-efficient tools, the know-how, and the inspiration to do what is right – to put energy-efficient and long-lived products on the market that utilize the energy sources fully. With every progress our customers make, we are getting closer to our vision of an energy-efficient future.

We began our journey in 2017 as a subsidiary of Sony Mobile Communication and spun out with a small team in 2019. Quality is a heritage and of the essence for us, as it is for our growing number of customers from 60+ countries, from small product and design companies to Fortune 500 companies.

Our products are designed with sustainability, reuse and configurability in mind. What makes Otii unique and a compelling solution for our customers is also what makes it sustainable. The best design is always the one where sustainability is the natural by-product.

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Do good, then rest.

Focused on what matters


We make advanced technology accessible, no unnecessary parts or complicated details. It should help developers, teams and companies to do what they do best, faster and with energy efficiency in focus.


We take pride in a relationship among equals at Qoitech and with our customers and partners. We are inspired by their knowledge and expertise, and their ambition to contribute to energy-efficient world. 


With more than twenty years of experience in the field, fusing advanced technology and high levels of engineering, we aspire to develop state of the art products. Uncompromised quality and no bullsh*t.

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