Power Analyzer,
Log Sync & Power Supply in one Product

Power Analyzer,
Log Sync &
Power Supply
in one Product

Otii Arc is the ultimate tool for any developer wanting to design highly energy-efficient Internet of Things products.

  • “Can’t imagine firmware development now without using an Otii Arc, and the Automation Toolbox allowed us to automate our production power profiling during the final test.”

    – Mathew Key, CTO Isansys

  • “If the time is money in a professional environment, Otii Arc is a good choice.”

    – Andreas Spiess, Electronics YouTuber

  • ”Thanks to Otii, we have been able to reduce our Strips current consumption even further to reach more than 10 years battery life. Every developer should have Otii Arc!”

    – Mats Petterson, CEO Sensative

  • “Working with Qoitech and establishing this low-power mindset certainly enriches the LoRaWAN community.”

    – Wienke Giezeman, CEO and Co-Founder at The Things Industries

  • “If you are looking into optimizing your IoT device for low-power design, reach Björn Rosqvist from Qoitech, I cannot express how much energy we saved with the Otii Arc.”

    – Tal Klinger, HW & System Engineering Team Lead at Trax Retail

Upgrade with
Otii Toolboxes

Upgrade with Otii Toolboxes

Elevate Otii Arc to powerful, specialized tools such as
battery profiler and emulator, automatization tool, logger. 

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