Pick the Otii Box

Power profiler, DC energy analyzer, power supply, digital multimeter, source measure unit, power debugger, battery life calculator. One Otii box to rule all. 

Otii Arc

Supply/source up to 5 V. 
Sampling rate up to 4 ksps.

Incl. free Otii Basic Software

From $799

Otii Ace Pro

Supply/source up to 25 V.
Sampling rate up to 50 ksps.

Incl. 1 year Pro Otii Software subscription


Enable with software

Otii Basic Software

The bare minimum for quick measurements. A fallback if your subscription runs out. 


Otii Pro Software

The developer’s HERO for everyday power analysis, optimization and battery life estimation.

$199 /year

Introduction offer:

$149 /year  or  $14 /month


Customize for your team’s and company’s needs.

Includes PRO, your choice of toolboxes, plus more features that help your team work with energy efficiency systematically and long term.

Enhance with toolboxes!
Upgrade your Pro with these add-ons.

Otii Automation Toolbox

Automate your measurements with a wide range of scripting capabilities. 

$599 /year   or    $59 /month

Otii Battery Toolbox


Profile and emulate batteries for your specific application. Get a reliable battery life estimation throughout your project.

$499 /year   or   $49 /month


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