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Otii products

Power analyzer, power supply, digital multimeter, source measure unit, power debugger, battery life calculator. One Otii to rule all. 

Otii hardware runs with a feature-packed Otii software and desktop application on Windows, Ubuntu and MacOS. 

Otii Ace Pro

Supply/source up to 25 V.
Sampling rate up to 50 ksps.

Otii Arc Pro

Supply/source up to 5 V. 
Sampling rate up to 4 ksps.

Enhance with Otii Toolboxes

Otii Battery Toolbox

Profile, emulate and validate batteries for your specific application. Get a reliable battery life estimation.

Purchase monthly, annually or get a perpetual license.

Otii Automation Toolbox

Automate your measurements with a wide range of scripting capabilities. 

Purchase monthly, annually or get a perpetual license.

Otii use cases

Simple setup

Power source and measure embedded energy consumption

The simplest yet most powerful set-up for continuously monitoring and profiling energy consumption in embedded or IoT devices.

Debug power measurements with UART output logs

Correlate and debug unwanted current peaks and elevated energy consumption in your embedded device with UART output.

Ampere meter mode current and power measurements of embedded devices

This set-up enables ampere-meter type of measurements but can be extended to include power and energy as well.