Otii Arc Pro

Otii Arc Pro

Power profiler, DC energy analyzer, power supply, digital multimeter, source measure unit, power debugger. One box to rule all.

Accurate, affordable, and easy to use.

Power supply: 0.5V-5V

Wide dynamic range: nA-5A

Current measurement resolution: 5nA

No burden voltage

Sample rate: up to 4ksps

UART sync with the measurements

Best-in-class multiplatform UI and software

Otii Arc Pro is an instrument that can precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current. It computes power and energy and syncs with software output,  enabling engineers and developers to easily see what drains the energy and optimize the battery life of their devices under test.

It comes with featured-packed Otii Basic perpetual software and 1-year Otii Pro software.

Use Otii Arc Pro to: 

  • power your devices under development
  • energy profile microcontrollers, sensors and devices in real-time and over time
  • optimize sleep current and extend battery life
  • design power-efficient hardware, firmware and software through regression testing
  • troubleshoot your hardware, firmware  and software
  • sync UART logs with power measurements to see what drains the energy

and much more!

Key features

Power supply and analyzer

Otii Arc Pro is truly versatile. It is a 2 quadrant source measure unit (SMU) with a constant voltage or constant current source and sink together with a high precision multichannel multimeter.

Set it up as a constant, linear power supply, 0.5-5V. Use it as a power analyzer or profiler to record and display real-time currents, voltages and/or UART logs. It provides nA resolution current measurements with a sample rate up to 4 ksps.

Otii Arc Pro has active voltage regulation and compensates for burden voltage.

Best in class software

Test and measurement instruments can have killer software and we are here to prove it. The best hardware deserves nothing less than the best software so you get to spend your time energy optimising your product. 

Otii software comes as powerful yet easy-to-use desktop application for Ubuntu, Windows & macOS. 

Check the statistics of the accumulated energy consumption continuously while recording. Compare recordings, hide and show relevant data and stats. 

Wide dynamic range

Measure accurately over 9 orders of magnitude from amps down to tens of nanoamps with the wide dynamic range of Otii Arc Pro.

Display and work with accurate visualization of the active and sleep modes on the same screen and project. 

Synchronize expansion port and power measurements

Connect your device to Otii Arc Pro’s expansion port. Log GPIs, ADC subsystem measurements and UART logs. All the recordings are synced to the current and voltage graphs making it easy to correlate power consumption to the application state.

Compact, portable and quick to get started

From unpacking Otii Arc Pro to measurement in less than 1 minute. Power it by USB for portability or by using an external DC adapter.

Otii Arc measures 10,9cm x 14,4cm x 4,4cm (WxLxH) and weighs 450 grams. It is designed for the office, the lab, and usage at home, as well as field measurements. Also, the innovative mechanical design allows for efficient heat dissipation, hence no fan needed and therefore no noise. 

Min Unit Max
Operating Environment
Operating environment 15 °C / 60 °F 30 °C / 86 °F
Humidity 30% 60%
USB Power Supply(1)
Output voltage (auto range) 0.5 V 3.75 V
Output voltage (locked to high current range) 0.5 V 4.2 V
Output voltage setting resolution 1 mV
Output current 250 mA
External 7.5 – 9 V Power Supply(2)
Output voltage (auto range) 0.5 V 4.55 V
Output voltage (locked to high current range) 0.5 V 5.0 V
Output voltage setting resolution 1 mV
Output current, max continuous(3) 2.5 A
Output current, max peak(3) 5 A
Programmable Current Sink (requires an Otii Battery Toolbox license or Otii Automation license)
Sink current 0 A 2.5 A
Sink current, resolution 39 µA
Sink voltage, USB power supply 0.85 V(4) 4.2 V
Sink voltage, external power supply 0.85 V(4) 5.0 V
Current measurement
Accuracy ±(0.1% + 50 nA)(5)
Sample Rate in ±19 mA range 4 ksps
Sample Rate in ±2.7 A range 1 ksps
Sample Rate in ±5.0 A range 1 ksps
Analog bandwidth (3 dB) 400 Hz
Voltage measurement
Total accuracy ±(0.1% + 1.5 mV)
Sample Rate 1 ksps
Bitrate 110 bps 5.25 Mbps
Digital I/O; GPO1, GPO2, TX(6)
VIO Expansion port operating voltage 1.2 V VIO(7) 5 V(8)
VIL Low-level input voltage VIO * 0.2 V
VIH High-level input voltage VIO * 0.8 V
Imax Maximum sink/source current 10 mA
ADC, Differential Analog/Digital Conversion pins ADC-, ADC+ (9)
Voltage input 0 V 5 V
Shunt voltage range -81.9175 mV 81.2 mV
Resolution 2.5 µV
Accuracy ±(0.1% + 10 µV)
Input impedance 220 kΩ
ADC, Single Ended Analog/Digital Conversion pin ADC+
Voltage input 0 V 5 V
Resolution 1.25 mV
Accuracy ±(0.1% + 7.5 mV)
Input impedance 830 kΩ
Voltage input 0 V 5 V
Resolution 1.5 mV
Accuracy 1%
Input impedance 1 MΩ
(1) USB power capacity and reliability in laptops and desktops greatly depend on host USB port/cable design.
(2) See list of recommended external power supplies and powered USB hubs at our FAQ
(3) Depends on chosen power supply. Otii Arc will monitor internal temperature and cut off if temperature limit is reached.
(4) Sink voltage can go below this specification if locked to high range. It is possible to go down to 0.5 V if the sink current is below 1.9 A. For currents below 19 mA, the measurement will have a lot more noise when locked to high range than in auto range.
(5) Up to 19 mA current in auto range, for higher currents, the accuracy is ±(0.1 % + 150 µA). Average > 1 s.
(6) See Nexperia SN74LVC8T245 for details.
(7) Expansion Port Digital voltage level is set by user in Otii SW.
(8) Maximum voltage will depend on your USB power supply and USB cable.
(9) See TI INA226 for details.

Otii Arc Pro comes with perpetual Otii Basic Software and 1-year Otii Pro Software subscription for free. Otii Pro Software renewal is automatic and annual, the fallback is measurements with Otii Basic Software if the Pro subscription is not renewed.

There is a perpetual option for Otii Pro and Otii Toolboxes.

Otii software runs on Windows, Ubuntu and macOS.

To run Otii Arc Pro, download Otii software here: 

Software comparison

Feature Basic Pro
Basic measurements (current, voltage, power)
GPI measurements
ADC (sub-system) measurements
Save/load projects
Basic statistics
Unlimited undo/redo
Offset calibration
Export CSV
Export project
Multiple recordings
Record more than 10 minutes
Record UART logs
Sync data with UART logs
Sync multiple recordings
Multiple Otii boxes
Set sample rate (Otii Ace Pro only)
Customize statistics
Filter log
Battery life calculator
4-wire support
In-line measurement support (Otii Ace Pro only)
Offline license (Otii Ace Pro only)
Import from another project
Import logs
Record UART TX
Logarithmic scale

Software add-ons for Otii Pro

Feature Otii Automation Toolbox Otii Battery Toolbox
Scripting in any language using JSON API
Packaged scripting modules available for Python, Matlab, C#, Java
Battery emulation
Battery profiling

Want to manage shared or offline licenses, or looking for volume licenses across the teams?

Looking for perpetual licenses?

What is the difference between Otii Arc Pro and Otii Ace Pro?

The difference between the Otii Arc Pro and Otii Ace Pro hardware is for example in the power supply and sampling rate. Otii Arc Pro goes up to 5 V and has a sampling rate of 4ksps and goes Otii Ace Pro up to 25 V and has a sampling rate of 50 ksps.

Here is the detailed hardware comparison between Otii Arc Pro and Otii Ace Pro.

What is included when I purchase Otii Arc Pro?

In the package, you will receive Otii Arc Pro and a USB micro-B cable. Otii Arc Pro comes with 1-year Otii Pro software. If not renewed the fallback is Otii Basic software which is free and perpetual. Register and download the software here

What is Otii Pro software that comes with Otii Arc Pro?

Otii Pro is the best-in-class software for measuring and analyzing energy consumption. It works with all Otii hardware boxes. You can subscribe to Otii Pro software on a monthly or yearly basis. If you are not a subscriber, you can request a perpetual license that best suits your needs.

Check out Otii Pro software features list here.

How do I activate my license?

Please follow these simple steps here.

How can I request customized plan for my team?

If you are looking for a customized plan for your team’s and company’s needs, please contact our Sales team directly. We will be more than happy to respond to your request and help you achieve your project or business goal with our most suitable tools.

How do I choose the right external DC adapter for Otii Arc Pro?

If you choose to run with an external DC adapter, we recommend you to pick one from an established supplier. The adapter should be low noise, approved for IEC 60950-1 as a Limited Power Source.

The output from the DC adapter can be in the range 7-9V. We recommend 9V in case you have a voltage drop in the supply cables. Pick an adapter that is able to provide a little more than the output current you will need. Be aware that the voltage drop in most cables at 5A is not negligible.

Otii Arc voltage output range: 0-4.2V, 0-200mA
In most cases, the power supplied by your computer’s USB Host will be sufficient. However, not all computer USB Hosts are created equal, and if you experience problems you might need an external power supply, see the next section. Hint: By enabling ”meters” (Device => Meters) you can see the actual voltage of your Otii. VBUS is the USB voltage. If this goes below 4.75V, you should switch to an external DC adapter. The input voltage from the external DC connector is also monitored (VDC) and this should not go below 7V.

Otii Arc voltage output range: 0-5V, 0-2A continuous current
For this you should use an external AC/DC adapter. There are many good ones available, and we recommend you pick a certified one of good quality with sufficient power rating and 7-9VDC output. XP Power VER18US090-JA, providing up to 2A, and available through Digikey.com, has received good feedback.

Otii Arc voltage output range: 0-5V, 0-2.5A continuous current, 5A peak current
Again, use an external power supply. However, many AC/DC adapters with a rating above 2A have been found to be quite noisy, so you should be careful about the quality when looking for good measurements and working in these ranges. We recommend you use a good certified lab power supply. Make sure your lab supply can handle the maximum peak current your device possibly can surge. Be aware of the + and – signs for the DC input.

How does Otii Arc Pro handle short pulses since sampling rate is 4ksps?

Check out our blog post and a short video where we show how Otii Arc Pro measures short pulses.

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