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Otii Arc Pro

Otii Arc Pro

Power profiler, DC energy analyzer, power supply, digital multimeter, source measure unit, power debugger. For electronics up to 5V/5A.

Power profiler, DC energy analyzer, power supply, digital multimeter, source measure unit, power debugger. For electronics up to 5V/5A.

Otii Arc Pro is 2 quadrant SMU an instrument that can precisely source voltage and current and simultaneously measures voltage and/or current with a sample rate up to 4ksps and step size of 5nA. It provides power and energy computation and enables developers to analyze and optimize the energy consumption and battery life of their embedded electronics.

Power supply: 0.5V – 5V
Otii Arc Pro is a programmable power supply and it can be set as a constant, linear power supply, 0.5-5V.  The power supply of Otii Arc Pro is not isolated, meaning that the low side of the power supply (main -) is connected to ground potential, which is the same potential as the USB port ground, DC plug ground, and the expansion port ground pins of the unit.
Wide dynamic range: nA-5A

Measure accurately over 9 orders of magnitude from amps down to tens of nanoamps with the wide dynamic range of Otii Arc Pro.

Display and work with accurate visualization of the active and sleep modes on the same screen and in the same project. 

Current measurement resolution: 5nA

Otii Arc Pro is a 2 quadrant source measure unit (SMU) with a constant voltage/constant current source and sink and a high precision multichannel multimeter.

It provides less than tens of nAs resolution current measurements with sample rate up to 4 ksps, pending the current range. 

Sample rate up to 4 ksps

Otii Arc Pro has sample rates for three different current ranges up to 4 ksps. Voltage sample rate is 1 ksps. Check out datasheet for details. 

No burden voltage

Otii Arc Pro has active voltage regulation and compensates for burden voltage.

Compact and lightweight for the desktop and field

Otii Arc Pro measures 10,9cm x 14,4cm x 4,4cm (WxLxH) and weighs 450 grams, just as Otii Ace Pro. Both are designed for the office, the lab, and usage at home, as well as field measurements. Also, the innovative mechanical design allows for efficient heat dissipation, hence no fan is needed and therefore no noise. 

Power it by USB micro B. It can be powered by external power supply. Here are some suggestions for external DC supplies. 

Best in class multiplatform software

Otii software runs on macOS, Windows and Ubuntu. It is build for ease of use, accessibility and durability for those long measurements. 

Otii software

Otii software for Otii Ace Pro is feature-packed, multi-platform and easy to use.

Software for test and measurement should be robust, versatile and easy to use – and we are here to prove that can be done. Use Otii desktop application with no subscription and no login.  Measure, analyze, share projects and collaborate with your team.  

Desktop application for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu

Otii software is the multiplatform backbone of Qoitech’s Otii Product Suite. Designed to interface with Otii hardware to provide a powerful and comprehensive application for developers and engineers to record, visualize, and analyze the power consumption of battery-driven devices in real-time. 

Easy to start, easy to use

From unpacking Otii Ace Pro to measurement in less than 1 minute. 

Sync and compare multiple recordings

With Otii software you can easily synchronize your visualizations and compare multiple power measurement recordings, add new recordings to existing projects seamlessly, and perform extended measurements and benchmarks. Seeing results in this manner is an excellent way to evaluate the efficiency of your project.

Synchronize expansion port and power measurements

Connect your device to Otii Ace Pro’s expansion port. Log GPIs, ADC subsystem measurements and UART logs. All the recordings are synced to the current and voltage graphs making it easy to correlate power consumption to the application state.

Add Otii Toolboxes to elevate the hardware to battery simulator

Otii software can be extended with Otii Toolboxes, which enable scripting (Otii Automation Toolbox) and battery simulation and testing (Otii Battery Toolbox). The Otii Toolboxes can be purchased as perpetual licences or monthly/yearly subscriptions.

Sync and compare multiple power recording
Sync recordings with UART debug output