Reduce the time and cost of your product development by 25%.

Get 30% more battery capacity in your applications. 

Offer your customers battery life warranty and cut their maintenance costs. 

Avoid product recalls, bad rep and liabilities due to inaccurate battery life.

The future is

The box that does it all

Explore Otii box and all the opportunities that come with it. 

The Otii box

Gain full insights into what drains the energy throughout the product development and maintenance cycle. Measure, analyze, optimize.

Comes in two voltage and sample rate versions:

Software add-ons

Otii Automation Toolbox

Diverse scripting possibilities to control and automate measurements and build testing set-ups.

Supports multiple languages. No fuss.


Battery Toolbox

Elevate the box to a powerful battery profiler and emulator.

Find and match your application with the right battery. 

Otii Battery Analytics and Validation

Solution for testing, qualification and validation of battery cells and packs. Optimized for incoming inspections, sample checks and second source qualification. Configurable and scaleable for your needs. 

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