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battery life.
Deliver quality.

Empower your product development with cutting-edge power analysis, battery testing and battery life estimation.

Tired of guesswork?

Gain full insights into what drains the energy in your embedded or IoT product throughout the product development and maintenance cycle. Match your application/device with the right battery. Measure, analyze, optimize.

Accurate insights, longer battery life

For every new electronics hardware iteration or line of code flashed to the device there is a simple and insightful way of ensuring energy efficiency. Deliver quality consistently.

▶︎ Power, flash and measure power consumption for every hardware and software change, in one complete set-up

▶︎ Ensure low power design at all instances of the stack and throughout product lifecycle

▶︎ Match your product with the right energy source

Low-power mindset slashes cost and time

Reduce firefighting and meet the deadlines for your electonics and IoT products. Avoid product recalls, bad rep and liabilities due to inaccurate battery life. Offer your customers battery life warranty and cut their maintenance costs.

▶︎ Configure and scale your battery measurements with ease

▶︎ Cut battery qualification and verification time and cost

▶︎ Automate power quality assurance across the teams, disciplines and suppliers

Powering IoT Devices: How to choose the right battery and make it last longer

This free white paper covers:

  • Guidance on selecting the right battery for loT applications
  • Optimization techniques
  • A case study demonstrating battery profiling, benchmark, and selection in a real-world scenario

Trusted by global market leaders

  • “Can’t imagine firmware development now without using an Otii Arc, and Otii Automation Toolbox allowed us to automate our production power profiling during the final test.”

    Mathew Key, CTO at Isansys
  • “Thanks to Otii, we have been able to reduce our Strips current consumption even further to reach more than 10 years battery life. Every developer should have Otii Arc.”

    Mats Pettersson, CTO at Sensative
  • “Working with Qoitech and establishing this low-power mindset certainly enriches the LoRaWAN community.”

    Wienke Giezeman, CEO at The Things Industries
  • “If you are looking into optimizing your IoT device for low-power design, reach Björn Rosqvist from Qoitech, I cannot express how much energy we saved with the Otii Arc.”

    Tal Klinger, Hardware & System Engineering Team Lead at Trax Retail

    By developers, for developers

    Over 30% of battery energy is wasted due to poor device-battery matches. Developers can fix this! We build Otii products so you can build yours.

    Master low power design with all the right data.

    Level up your energy optimization skills with one-stop solution for power supply, measurement and analysis.

    Embrace simplicity – experience cutting-edge lab instruments that require no traditional lab setup.