Otii Pro software

Powerful, comprehensive, easy to use.
One software to rule all. 

Otii Pro is the best-in-class software for measuring and analyzing energy consumption. Works on all Otii hardware boxes. Subscribe annually or monthly.

Works on Windows, Ubuntu, macOS.

Comes with support for multiple computer platforms ex. Apple silicon.

Full HDPI support. 

Feature highlights

Multiple recordings and sync for regression testing

Energy optimization is an iterative task throughout the product development. Every hardware, firmware and software iteration makes an impact on energy consumption and thus battery life.

Otii Pro provides the key features for regression testing, benchmarks and every day data comparison. Sync and compare multiple recordings. Add new recordings in existing projects. Run long measurement and benchmark. 

Sync UART logs with the power measurements

Record UART logs and sync them to the current and voltage graphs.  Easily correlate power consumption to the application state of your devices state and optimize. 

Support for multiple Otii boxes

Configure your measurement set-up with multiple Otii boxes for optimal automation and benchmark testing. 

It is the number of USB ports that decide how many you can connect. 

Configurable UI

The key to good UX is the flexibility in UI to allow the users to customize the desktop application to their process of working and developing. 

The Pro software enables a diverse set of UI features like scaling, hiding and customizing the measurements, recordings and graphs for you to get the most and quickest our of the power measurements.

Undo/redo functionality

We all need them. Can’t live without them. The all mighty Undo/Redo buttons. Enough said. 

Oh yes, there are shortcuts too. 

⌘-Z Undo, Shift -⌘-Z Redo.

In-app help close at hand

Help is a shortcut away. Contextual or functional, we believe in providing the easiest navigation throughout the app, to best utilize its and the hardware´s magic. 

Feature Basic Pro
Basic measurements (current, voltage, power) ✔️ ✔️
GPI measurements ✔️ ✔️
ADC (sub-system) measurements ✔️ ✔️
Save/load projects ✔️ ✔️
Basic statistics ✔️ ✔️
Unlimited undo/redo ✔️ ✔️
Offset calibration ✔️ ✔️
Export CSV ✔️ ✔️
Export project ✔️
Downsampling ✔️
Crop ✔️
Multiple recordings ✔️
Record more than 10 minutes ✔️
Record UART logs ✔️
Sync data with UART logs ✔️
Sync multiple recordings ✔️
Multiple Otii boxes ✔️
Set sample rate ✔️
Customize statistics ✔️
Filter log ✔️
Battery life calculator ✔️
Markers/annotation ✔️
Import from another project ✔️
Import logs ✔️
Record UART TX ✔️
Logarithmic scale ✔️

Feature  = coming soon!

Software add-ons for Otii Pro

Feature Otii Automation Toolbox Otii Battery Toolbox
Scripting in any language using JSON API ✔️
Packaged scripting modules available for Python, Matlab, C#, Java ✔️
CLI ✔️
Battery emulation ✔️
Battery profiling ✔️
4-wire measurements ✔️ ✔️

Want to manage shared or offline licenses, or looking for volume licenses across the teams?

Looking for perpetual licenses?

This is the documentation

What subscription options are there and how can I subscribe?

Qoitech provides the most efficient developer’s hero tool, Otii Pro Software. You can purchase Otii Pro Software monthly or yearly. The subscription renews automatically. Subscribing to Otii Pro Software will allow you to purchase our add-on toolboxes: Otii Automation Toolbox and Otii Battery Toolbox. You can start and cancel these at anytime.

Each registered user and subscription license purchased is valid for one computer.

Why should I subscribe?

With Otii Pro subscription, whether you choose to have it monthly or yearly, you will immediately get access to the software features that will save you time and money in your everyday energy optimization tasks. You will also receive quarterly updates, performance improvements and feature releases developed by our professional developer team reflecting your and your peers’ needs. Furthermore, you will be eligible for support from our fantastic power experts.

Why the change to subscription model?

For us to run a sustainable business and develop high-value products and services to help you reach your goals, our business model needs to reflect the value we create for our customers.

We are working hard to support your goals of achieving long-lived products and fully utilizing batteries and energy harvesters quickly and cost-efficiently. We understand that needs can differ in different companies, so we offer the possibility to configure the best set-up of products and services for your company’s needs through Enterprise packaging. Tell us about your needs here.

How do I activate and reserve my license?

Otii Pro Software, Otii Automation Toolbox and Battery Toolbox licenses will be activated automatically when you purchase the subscription. Otii Basic Software requires no license.

To use Otii Pro Software, Otii Automation Toolbox and Battery Toolbox, the license needs to be reserved. You reserve and release a license in the User Management in the Otii desktop application.

How to cancel the subscription plan?

You can easily cancel the add-on Toolbox in your Qoitech account in user management. We will only bill you for the actual time duration of the subscription.

You can also cancel the Otii Pro software subscription in your account.  You will then get reverted to Otii Basic software. Note that once you cancel the Pro subscription, you will no longer be able to use any Toolbox.

You can always resubscribe to Otii Pro software and pick up any add-on Toolbox at any time.

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