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Introducing Otii Toolboxes

Introducing Otii Toolboxes

August 27, 2020

The energy efficiency of your product really matters. For most of you, this is old news, however, for a lot of commercial products, this is yet to hit hard. In the space of IoT this is well-known and unfortunately, often experienced. The lack of longevity of the deployed device can simply break your business, sometimes even before you have launched your product.  

We have always envisioned a set-up of cost-effective tools that are comprehensive enough to tackle those tricky technical challenges of energy optimization, yet flexible enough for different aspects of the product development – and of course, easy to use on every developer’s desk. 

With our Otii Arc, we have laid the foundation for the purpose and vision that we have and aim now to elevate and complement the instrument with the just-released Otii Software Toolboxes.

Otii Battery Toolbox

It all started with the Otii Battery Toolbox as a first toolbox to help developers and verification engineers understand the magic of batteries and how they fit into their application – for real and not just through the lens of an inadequate excel sheet calculation. Way too often you only get 20% out of the capacity that you just estimated. And then you should ask the question whether you are willing to deliver all your sensors to your customer knowing that they may just simply fail within two weeks of deployment, even though you promised years of battery life. 

Otii Automation Toolbox

The new Otii Automation Toolbox is assisting developers and teams to stick to the low power mindset by automating – very much needed – repetitive tasks and measurements. Extensive tests and verifications are essential for quality assurance (QA) within product development, regardless of whether it is hardware or software. Following up on the power consumption throughout the project, understanding deviations and optimizing respectively should be a natural part of QA work. Whereas for hardware these workflows are being implemented, it is equally applicable for software development – for instance, by incorporating and tracking KPIs on power consumption within a continuous integration set-up. At the end of the day, you can have all the low power hardware that you want but if the software is not energy-optimized, your product might not live as long as you might expect it.  

Otii Log Toolbox

(This Toolbox is now obsolete, but included as a feature in the Otii Pro software instead.)

The new Otii Log Toolbox log is a great complement to the UART log sync feature in the standard software of the Otii Arc. It allows for a correlation between the measurements with imported logs from external sources. The sources can be network simulators or network protocol analyzer. The energy consumption of a device is as much of a result of the ecosystem it is part of, as it is of the device itself. Taking information from the network on activities and signaling to then correlate them with the performance of the device, is an insight that can have a tremendous impact on the deployment of IoT sensors and products.

The Otii Software Toolboxes will give you the freedom and flexibility to create the perfect set-up tailored for different parts and stages of the development and verification process. Some toolboxes you may use daily, some more intensively during a specific stage of the project – be it in the lab, on the bench or in the field. It’s up to you.  Further, we chose to offer each toolbox with its specific feature sets individually, simply because we want you to equip your team for their everyday low-power development work as cost-efficient and as specific as possible. Also, the toolboxes can be shared between individuals and teams.  No matter how you decide, you are on the right path for true low power execution.  

Wouldn’t it be awesome if energy optimization was an integral part of your and your team’s day as the first cup of coffee in the morning? We want you to bet on the products you create.

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