Updates to Otii Arc datasheet

November 12, 2019

At Qoitech, we strive to produce high-quality developer tools and are continually working on finetuning and improving existing products, as well as learning for the future.

The first version of the Otii Arc datasheet was created more than two years ago. At that point, we were modest about the performance and wanted to gain statistics from our production concerning accuracy. We knew that it was good, but how good was it and how stable was the production?

Today, based on statistics, tighter calibration limits and updates in the firmware, we can proudly announce an update to the technical specification.

The new accuracy for current measurements is ±(0.1% + 50nA) for currents below 19mA and ±(0.1% + 150µA) for higher currents.
The new accuracy for voltage measurements is ±(0.1% + 1.5mV)

Previously we have stated ±(1% + 0.5µA) for current measurements and ±(1% + 10mV) for voltage measurements, so we are delighted with the improvements!

Here you can find the latest updated datasheet: https://www.qoitech.io/techspec.

Good to know:
If you want to maintain the accuracy, contact sales for a calibration proposal.


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