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Educational licenses

Enabling low power mindset and proficiency for the next generation of hardware and software developers.

Get free access to all Otii Toolboxes for teaching embedded, hardware and programming classes in your school.

How can I get educational licenses?

It is required to have Otii Ace Pro and/or Otii Arc Pro registered before you can use the Otii Toolboxes. Then you can directly contact us to get the licenses. Students receive licenses directly from the educational institution’s license manager, while license administrators manage licenses in their Qoitech user management accounts.



Be prepared for building energy efficient products and society

  • Learn to collect right data and analyze power consumption behaviour.

  • Use visualizations to optimize.

  • Gain the skills and tools you need to succeed in efficient product development.

  • Increase your marketability to employers.

  • Demonstrate your proficiency with low power mindset and skill.


Cultivate new generations of developers with energy efficiency mindset and skills

  • Cultivate new generations of developers with energy efficiency mindset and skills.

  • Gain academic recognition for teaching skills that are critical to workplace success.

  • Gain positive impact on the sustainability and society.

  • Attract and retain the best faculty and students.

  • Stay competitive by delivering the best classroom experience.

The rules of engagement

The free Otii educational licenses are: 

  • Issued to accredited educational institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, and non-commercial educational organizations
  • Managed by faculty members, professors, IT support staff, and other official representatives of your educational organization
  • Valid for one year and can be reviewed in the 30 days before the license expiration date

The free Otii educational licenses: 

  • Must be used only for teaching classes 
  • Not provided for personal or professional use to individual students, researchers or teachers
  • May not be used for any commercial purposes
  • May not be used for the internal development of your organization’s products or services
  • May not be shared with any third party