Meet Us – Otii is on the road!

August 28, 2018

We love to travel, especially for the purpose to showcase our Otii and talk to all our fellow developers out there. This September you can meet our team in person and find out what more Otii can do for you! Make sure to book your meeting!

We start off with the Stockholm Tech Fest, where we will be a part of the exhibit area of the Swedish Energy Agency. Come by to see our demo, which will showcase the energy consumption of the tech of one of our customers – Sensative. We will also talk on how our Otii helped Sensative reach a battery life of over 10 years in their wireless magnetic window and door sensors.

Then we are off to sunny Los Angeles, where together with Ericsson, Altair and Sony Mobile, we will demo battery life of a LTE-M/Cat-M1 connected e-health concept for diabetes monitoring. We will be in Los Angeles and San Francisco for a few days and would love to meet you!

Last but not least, we will be in Munich, showcasing all of Otii’s capabilities on stage of Hardware Pioneers’ first German event ‘Show me the product: Hardware and IoT Startups Demo Night’, among 20 up-and-coming European startups. Participation is free, but the spots are limited – make sure to sign up and say hi!

Again, we can’t wait for the Otii Tour and hope to meet you in person!

Book your meetings!

The Qoitech Team


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