Changes to Otii portfolio!

March 21, 2019

We at Qoitech are constantly learning from our customers! As part of our goal to improve, we are now adjusting our portfolio and business model to better suit the needs of current and new customers.

As result of that, we are discontinuing our Otii Premium offering. The offering can no longer be purchased at our distributor Digikey nor directly through Qoitech.

For now, we don´t have any replacement. However, we do have a new offering called Otii Enterprise, comprising more advanced features and aiming at individuals and teams that want to take the energy optimization to the next level.

The Otii Enterprise is a subscription business model. It includes Otii Standard Arc HW, Otii Enterprise SW and a switch board solution. The subscription includes software upgrades and maintenance, hardware repair & maintenance (excl. shipping costs), calibration services (excl. shipping costs) and support.

In addition to Otii Standard functionality, Otii Enterprise also has functionality for advanced battery profiling, battery simulation, built-in scripting, import of logfiles and TCP server using JSON based API enabling scripting in languages such as Python, Javascript, Java, Matlab and more.

The detailed descriptions are available online:

Otii Enterprise can be purchased from us directly. For more information and quota please contact sales.

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