The future of battery testing

Configure and scale your battery measurements with ease. 

Cut battery qualification and verification time and cost by 50%.

Match the right batteries and energy harvesters for your application.

Guarantee the battery life span. 

For energy optimization

If your aim is to:

  • find the right energy source to match your specific application/device
  • evaluate battery/energy harvester performance
  • measure and follow up on battery life throughput the product development 

then Otii Battery Toolbox is the must have for your team. 

For battery qualification and validation

If your aim is to: 

  • quality assure performance of energy sources at any point of product life time
  • perform incoming inspection of battery cells and packs
  • qualify battery brand for device volume production
  • qualify battery brand/batch for second sourcing 

then Otii Battery Analytics and Validation is the right solution for you. 


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