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Test and validate batteries for IoT and embedded devices

Going beyond the data sheet by IoT battery testing for specific use cases and environments is crucial for ensuring the longevity of the products and services. This use case facilitates an efficient and scalable setup for incoming battery inspections, benchmarking different batches and brands, thereby enhancing the reliability of the final product.

Scalable IoT battery testing

The set-up works with Otii Ace and it is simple yet powerful. Otii Ace can then discharge and charge the energy source while measuring its current and voltage performances. You can can add as many Otii Aces and thereby batteries to your project to test as your computer allows. 

Utilize the cycling function for either a one-step discharge or a customizable multi-step sequence involving discharging, idle mode, and charging batteries. With unlimited cycling, you can accurately assess battery aging effects and evaluate battery reliability under specific test conditions.

How to connect

The setup is connecting Otii Ace’s banana connector – to negative battery contact and + banana connector to positive battery contact.

Note that in this setup (as drawn in the schematics) you can choose to have additional connection to avoid voltage drop over wires, using 4-wire connection with SENSE pins in the expansion ports of the Otii Ace. 

Get started in the Otii app

Setup Otii Ace Pro and choose the channels that you want to monitor, for example current and voltage recordings.

In the toolbar of the Otii desktop application select Battery Validation. Press Add step and you will be presented with a choice to create a customized cycling profile with charge, discharge and sleep steps with preferred exit conditions and timing. 

In case of the discharge, multiple steps can be chosen and repeated. Three types of discharge are available, constant power, constant current and constant resistance. 

Once the cycling profile is ready, check the Record and Start the testing. 

The customized cycling profile will be used to cycle all the batteries connected to the one and the same Otii project. 

There are no limitations on the number of cycles and the length of measurements, it is up to your computer storage. 

Battery validation on Otii Ace Pro in short

  • Embedded and IoT battery testing up to 50W/25V/5A with Otii Ace Pro and Otii Battery Toolbox
  • High measurements accuracy in all measurements, check out data sheet
  • High accuracy in load capability, check out data sheet
  • Simultaneous voltage, current, and capacity measurements from seconds up to months (depends on your computer)
  • Highly customizable test sequence – option to customize discharge, idle mode and charging, pulse width control, repeated cycles, cut-off voltages
  • No limitations on number of cycles
  • No limitations on number of batteries to be tested at the same time, thus Otii Ace Pros to be connected
  • Programmable using Otii Automation Toolbox
  • Clean and intuitive UI