Get started with your new Otii Box

Welcome to Qoitech!

Energy optimization with Otii products is easy and powerful. Here are 3 steps to get you started in no time! 

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Do you love a good user manual read?

We’ve got one for you. All the features, how-tos and quick starts in one place.

Do you love a good in-app info?

We’ve got you covered. Learn Otii software with Hover info in the Otii app. Press H to toggle the quick help on and off. 

Step 1 – Register

Register to Qoitech to access the user portal for downloads, license management and support ticket system. 

Step 2 – Download Otii software

Find the Downloads in the user management system or click here to download the latest software. 

Step 3 – Register your device and reserve the license

Connect your Otii box to your computer. Go to User management in the Otii app and register your hardware. Then reserve the license that you have purchased. 

You are ready to start measuring!


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