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Get started with your new Otii box

Welcome to Qoitech!

Energy optimization with Otii products is easy and powerful. Here are 3 steps to get you started in no time! 

Already registered? Jump to step 2.


Do you love a good user manual read?

We’ve got one for you. All the features, how-tos and quick starts in one place.

Do you love a good in-app info?

We’ve got you covered. Learn Otii software with Hover info in the Otii app. Press H to toggle the quick help on and off. 

Step 1 – Register

Register to Qoitech to access the user portal for downloads, license management and support ticket system. 

Step 2 – Download Otii software

Find the Downloads in the user management system or click here to download the latest software. 

Step 3 – Open Otii app and start measuring

Connect your Otii hardware to your computer. Open the Otii app. 

You are ready to start measuring!