Qoitech is approved to help companies to launch low power, cellular IoT devices on the AT&T network

January 6, 2020

Lund, Sweden, 6 January 2020 – Qoitech AB, will help IoT companies to launch low power Internet of Things devices on the AT&T network.

Product longevity is part of creating a successful IoT design, and it is essential for utilizing the benefits of IoT. AT&T Approved Partners are selected as proven professionals to provide IoT companies assistance in hardware and software design, manufacturing, and device certification, to help them succeed in designing and launching their IoT products.

Qoitech´s developer tool Otii is an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive and unique developer tool for visualization, measurement, and analysis of system-level energy consumption. It can be used as a battery profiler and emulator, helping developers to pick the right battery for their application and device, and it has extensive features for automation to shorten the hardware and software development and verification time. Otii is invaluable for sharing and collaborating on the topic of energy optimization.

“Approval to participate in the AT&T Partner Program is a great recognition to us at Qoitech. Not only of our product but also our mission to help enable IoT developers with the best tools to provide long-lived products. This is a great step in increasing the awareness of how important battery life is for IoT businesses and the ecosystems and the knowledge on how it can be achieved.” said Vanja Samuelsson, the founder and CEO of Qoitech.

AT&T and Qoitech are committed to promoting the best practice on low power design for IoT LPWA. The latest covers insights on NB-IoT and LTE-M features on Coverage Enhancement (CE) and energy consumption.

Following this announcement, Qoitech is listed on the AT&T Partners Page under the Verification Tools.


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