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Qoitech at Embedded World 2023

Qoitech at Embedded World 2023

April 18, 2023

In March, we started the event season by attending the latest edition of Embedded World fair in Nuremberg, Germany. We arrived with new software features and a powerful addition to our collection of ‘magic black boxes’ for developers. Our professional tools are power supplies, analyzers and battery simulators. They can measure power and current accurately in a wide dynamic range and at very low levels, which makes them ideal for designing low-power applications, which has proven very sought at this year’s highly anticipated embedded event.

Qoitech booth at Embedded Word. Demos of power profiling and battery testing.
Do you care about battery life? Many EW23 visitors did, appreciating demos on how to power profile devices, understand what drains the energy and how to simulate and pick the right battery.

New product – Otii Ace Pro

The show’s highlight was our new Otii Ace Pro, the ‘big brother’ of the Otii Arc Pro, with higher voltage (25 V), sample rate, and more advanced features such as serial measurements. We expanded the product portfolio to cater to customers working with a wide range of devices, from small sensors to commercial products and industrial equipment.

Check out the details on Otii Ace Pro and hardware tech spec comparison to pick the right Otii hardware for your use cases.

New software and UI

But that’s not all. We also introduced Otii software, which has been significantly improved especially for long measurements. Taking the similar approach to Mathwork’s Matlab the software is modular, so customers can choose how they want to use the tool by adding different software modules for different use cases such as power measurements for continuous integration, or as a battery simulator. Automation is a key aspect of long measurements, regression testing and benchmark, and our Automation Toolbox supports scripting in multiple languages, such as Python and C# to enable simple and easy set-up. The software environment for the two quadrant source measurement units has been updated with a host of new features, including improved CSV export, full HDPI support, full responsive UI and more.

The latest software is available for download now.

Live partner demos at Embedded World

At Embedded World, the live demos of power measurements and current profiling of IoT modules from Arduino and Particle, as well as solar IoT panels from Powerfilm and Epishine, were a great success. They showcased the ease of use and importance of measuring and understanding the behavior of the application, device and energy source. In addition, Nichicon showcased its latest battery and unique fast discharge capability with Otii Ace Pro and Qoitech’s latest solution for battery testing. Also, the Okdo team demonstrated their latest release, ROCK SBC and collaboration with Radxa, and its power performance was measured with our solutions. Okdo and its sister company RS components are officially distributing Otii Arc Pro and Otii Ace Pro.

Power measurements by Otii Ace Pro of Arduino and Particle modules. Profiling and simulation of batteries and solar IoT panels.
Demo at partners’ booths at EW23: Otii Ace measuring Radxa CM3 IO Board on Okdo’s Rock SBC and Otii performance profiling of Particle´s Argon, batteries from Nichicon and IoT solar panels from Epishine and PowerFilm.

For more Embedded World news from our booth and other highlights, check out Stuart Cording and Elektor Engineering Insights from EW23:

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