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Otii as ‘Swiss army knife’ for Deutsche Telekom IoT applications

Otii as ‘Swiss army knife’ for Deutsche Telekom IoT applications

February 13, 2020

—Lund, Sweden

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Deutsche Telekom. Through this partnership, we will become an essential part of Deutsche Telekom’s IoT Solution Optimizer, also known as “the Swiss army knife for IoT applications”.

The world’s first IoT ecosystem

The IoT Solution Optimizer – the world’s first IoT ecosystem – supports companies of all sizes wanting to build more profitable IoT solutions with cellular technology, while increasing product reliability and reducing R&D costs. Since the launch of the IoT Solutions Optimizer last year, the ecosystem has welcomed over a dozen new hardware and solution partners to its network of globally recognized IoT players.

“The IoT Solution Optimizer helps enterprises to optimize the performance of their IoT applications, securing up to six months of additional battery life on average for planned IoT deployments. These additional months of operation can make or break a business case”, says Rami Avidan, Senior Vice President, responsible for the IoT business at Deutsche Telekom.

Otii – the IoT Battery Life Optimization Tool

Qoitech´s role in the ecosystem is to provide IoT Battery Life Optimization Tools. Otii equipment collects measurements on an entire ecosystem of components, from chipset and modules to protocol settings, providing precious data regarding component energy consumption. This information gives users a realistic insight on what their project battery life will be in the chosen ecosystem simulated through IoT Solution Optimizer.

Read Deutche Telekom press release here.

Please visit Deutsche Telekom IoT Solutions for more information.

About Qoitech

At Qoitech, we are ardent about long-lived products. We strive to make the most effective developer tools for energy optimization, battery testing and predictive battery life analytics, regardless of industry. By enabling ease of use, our products help deveolpers and engineers throughout the stack to develop for longer battery life, shorter development cycles and lower maintenance cost. But foremost, we provide our customers with the most cost- efficient tools, the know-how, and the inspiration to do what is right – to put energy-efficient and long-lived products on the market that utilize the energy sources fully. With every progress our customers make, we are getting closer to our vision of an energy- efficient future.

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