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Qoitech’s white paper on powering IoT devices with the right battery

Qoitech’s white paper on powering IoT devices with the right battery

September 18, 2023

—Lund, Sweden

The realm of technology is set to embark on a transformative journey as the white paper “Powering IoT Devices: How to choose the right battery and make it last longer” ushers in a new era of energy efficiency and sustainability. Authored by Qoitech’s power experts, this paper delves into the heart of IoT’s power challenges, presenting innovative strategies that promise extended device longevity and reduced environmental impact.

In an age defined by the Internet of Things (IoT), where devices communicate seamlessly across industries and personal spaces, the question of powering these devices sustainably has become increasingly urgent. Take center stage: IoT devices that rely on batteries for their operations, especially in the realm of Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) devices deployed in remote or inaccessible locations.

Exploring Battery Longevity Strategies

The white paper takes a deep dive into the world of IoT device power dynamics. It meticulously explores the challenges and opportunities surrounding battery longevity for LPWAN IoT devices, emphasizing optimization techniques that promise to revolutionize the way these devices operate. The paper also presents a compelling case study demonstrating the power of battery profiling in extending device lifespan.

A Path to Sustainable Power Solutions

In the era of ever-increasing energy demands, the white paper unveils strategies that hold the promise of turning energy-hungry IoT devices into eco-friendly champions. By embracing advanced battery technologies and ingenious energy management techniques, the IoT landscape is primed for a transformation from energy consumption to energy conservation. These strategies, laid out in the paper, hint at a future where IoT’s growth doesn’t come at the cost of our planet’s health.

Harmonizing with EU Regulations

As the world moves toward a greener future, Europe is leading the way with the upcoming EU regulation on batteries. This regulation is poised to set new benchmarks for battery production, usage, and disposal, aligning seamlessly with the principles expounded in the white paper. The future of IoT, as outlined in these pages, harmonizes beautifully with a world striving for more sustainable practices.

Navigating a Greener Tomorrow

The white paper serves as a guide for navigating the IoT landscape with a renewed focus on sustainability. As industries embrace IoT integration in fields like smart agriculture and asset tracking, the importance of efficient power solutions becomes more evident. By extending battery life and optimizing power usage, the paper empowers developers and stakeholders to usher in an era where technology and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

Beyond its role in prolonging battery life, this paper signifies a broader vision: one where innovation is synonymous with environmental consciousness. As the digital revolution continues, Powering IoT devices: How to choose the right battery and make it last lights the way toward a more promising and sustainable tomorrow.

Download the white paper here

About Qoitech

At Qoitech, we are ardent about long-lived products. We strive to make the most effective developer tools for energy optimization, battery testing and predictive battery life analytics, regardless of industry. By enabling ease of use, our products help deveolpers and engineers throughout the stack to develop for longer battery life, shorter development cycles and lower maintenance cost. But foremost, we provide our customers with the most cost- efficient tools, the know-how, and the inspiration to do what is right – to put energy-efficient and long-lived products on the market that utilize the energy sources fully. With every progress our customers make, we are getting closer to our vision of an energy- efficient future.

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