Our workshop at The Things Conference 2021 – “Select the right power source for your LoRa node in 3 steps”

January 29, 2021

Selecting the right battery for your LoRa node can be quite complicated, to say the least, and for many IoT developers, this is a tricky task to master.

As part of this year’s, The Things Conference 2021 our Head of Product Development, Björn Rosqvist, together with Jean François Savin, Application Engineer at Saft hosted a virtual workshop to discuss how to “Select the right power source for your LoRa node in 3 steps”.  

During the workshop three major steps on how to select the right battery for your device were discussed:

  • How to define your use case and make a preliminary battery size and type selection
  • How to understand your power consumption and get preliminary battery life estimation
  • How to refine your battery selection with the battery profile.

Of course, we wouldn’t tell you all of this if you couldn’t re-watch it. So, don’t panic if you missed The Things Conference, and check out the workshop below!


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