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Otii scripting capabilities

Otii scripting capabilities

March 1, 2018

Wondering if you can automate your measurements using Otii? Or maybe profile a battery that you’re considering to use for your product? Scripting can be used to control your Otii when you want to automate a test procedure, or do something that’s a bit more complicated than the GUI can provide. Scripting is part of the Otii Automation Toolbox and can be used either from the command line on your PC, or from a window within the GUI. Currently, the Lua scripting language is supported.

How to use scripting? Our latest video tutorial video starts off demonstrating how to execute an existing script from the GUI. The example used is a script that self-calibrates the Otii current sink to get maximum precision. To get you started on your own scripts, the basic parts of a script are then explored using sinking of constant amount of current as an example, something very useful if you for example want to profile a battery.

As a treat we also included a part on how you, by a simple change to the algorithm part, can change from a constant sink current to emulate a constant resistance. This is a typical use case specified in data sheets for many batteries, and comes in handy when you want to double check battery specs with reality.

Note also that we are about to update our API to fully comply with the International System of Units, as defined in ISO/IEC 80000. Although we use mV, µA etc in this video, we will soon switch to V and A for voltage respective current, so watch out for new SW and FW releases.





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