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Introducing Battery Validation

Introducing Battery Validation

October 6, 2023

In our pursuit to provide the most comprehensive yet user-friendly solutions for finding the right energy source for your IoT device, we’ve introduced a significant addition to the Otii Battery Toolbox: Battery Validation.

Effortless Battery Cycling

Battery Validation seamlessly integrates with our robust battery profiling and emulation features of Otii Battery Toolbox. Now, with your Otii Ace Pro, you can test batteries for benchmarking, aging, and stability right on your bench—utilizing a compact and intuitive setup!

Compact battery testing with Otii Ace Pro and Otii Battery Toolbox on your bench.

Utilize the cycling function for either a one-step discharge or a customizable multi-step sequence involving discharging, idle mode, and charging batteries. With unlimited cycling, you can accurately assess battery aging effects and evaluate battery reliability under specific test conditions.

Customize your discharging, idle mode and charging sequence with Battery Validation feature.

Scalable Battery Testing on the Bench

The Otii application supports running multiple Otii hardware at the same time, giving you the opportunity to scale your battery testing as needed. Your computer/USB hub is the only limit to how many Otii Ace Pros you can connect, determining the number of batteries you can benchmark and cycle at once.

Scale you battery testing at your bench with Otii Ace Pro and Otii Battery Toolbox.

Battery Validation on Otii Ace Pro in Short

  • Battery testing up to 50W/25V/5A with Otii Ace Pro and Otii Battery Toolbox
  • High measurements accuracy in all measurements, check out data sheet
  • High accuracy in load capability, check out data sheet
  • Simultaneous voltage, current, and capacity measurements from seconds up to months (depends on your computer)
  • Highly customizable test sequence – option to customize discharge, idle mode and charging, pulse width control, repeated cycles, cut-off voltages
  • No limitations on number of cycles
  • No limitations on number of batteries to be tested at the same time, thus Otii Ace Pros to be connected
  • Programmable using Otii Automation Toolbox
  • Clean and intuitive UI

Getting Started with Battery Validation

The world of battery testing can feel daunting. We specialize in making complex and advanced things easy to use, to provide the best leverage for our customers. Just a few steps and you’re set to run battery cycling. Check more about Otii Battery Toolbox or visit our documentation to get started.

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