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Offline license for Otii Ace Pro

Offline license for Otii Ace Pro

April 20, 2023

Otii Ace Pro is utilized in highly diverse use cases. For some use case the measurements and analysis of power consumption are performed with limited or no access to internet. The most common use cases are production and field testing. Some companies also have strict network security policies thus requiring offline licenses to fully utilize the test and measurement equipment used in their R&D.

The offline license is part of the feature set of the professional Otii Pro software, specifically catered for the Otii Ace hardware. It enables the use of Otii Pro and Toolboxes on Otii Ace Pro without an internet connection. Thus, the users can measure energy consumption, access the software, and conduct analyses without compromising their measurement use case or their company network security or violating IT policies. The offline feature applies also to any software add-on to Otii Pro, i.e. Otii Battery Toolbox and Otii Automation Toolbox.

How to use the offline license

Connect your Otii Ace Pro to a computer with internet access. In the Otii application, under the User Account reserve the online Pro license, change the source from online to the Ace hardware to which you want to move the license. The license will be disabled online and immediately available through the hardware. You can now use Otii Ace Pro with a computer without internet access.

You can move the offline license to an online one through the Otii app once Otii Ace Pro is connected to a computer with internet access again.

Follow the steps

  1. Sign in to your user account in the Otii application
  2. Reserve the license you want to move to an Otii Ace
  3. In the dropdown where the license shows as online, choose the device to which you want to move the license
User account in Otii application where  the user can change the online license to an offline licence.
Activate the offline license in the User Account in the Otii application.

With the offline license feature, users can access all the features and capabilities of the Otii Pro and its add-ons. Users can also save and export data to share with colleagues and analyze offline.

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