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Maximizing IoT battery performance in LPWAN devices

Maximizing IoT battery performance in LPWAN devices

September 15, 2023

IoT battery life is a critical factor in the successful operation of LPWAN devices.

As these devices are typically deployed in remote or inaccessible locations, they rely on battery power to sustain their operation over extended periods. Maximizing battery life directly impacts the device’s longevity, maintenance costs, and overall user experience.

In this whitepaper, we will delve into the intricacies of battery performance for LPWAN IoT devices. We will explore the factors influencing battery life, provide insights into selecting the right battery for specific applications, and offer optimization strategies to maximize battery efficiency. By implementing the best practices outlined in this whitepaper, organizations can unlock the full potential of their LPWAN deployments while ensuring optimal battery performance and prolonging device lifecycles.

Device Power Consumption

IoT devices operate under constrained power resources, making battery life a crucial consideration for their successful deployment. Several key factors influence battery life in IoT devices, and understanding and managing these factors is essential for optimizing power consumption and maximizing operational efficiency.

Key factors influencing battery life:

  • Device power consumption
  • Data rate and duty cycle
  • Network connectivity and protocols
  • Sleep mode and wake-up interval
  • Transmission power and range

Choosing the Battery

Battery life is determined by the match between battery and device behavior.

Choosing the right battery is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and longevity of IoT devices. Batteries are not constant voltage generators, which means that there are a number of parameters that will affect the behavior of the power source. By carefully considering these factors and selecting a battery that aligns with the specific requirements of the application, developers can ensure reliable and long-lasting power supply for their IoT devices.

Various Factors Affect Battery Life

In this whitepaper, we systematically examine the complexities of battery performance for LPWAN IoT devices, an essential element in the ever-growing field of IoT. The paper explores various factors that affect battery life and provides guidance on choosing the ideal battery for specific applications. By outlining strategies to optimize battery life, we help organizations harness the full potential of their LPWAN deployments and extend device lifecycles.

We present a case study that showcases the practical application of battery selection techniques for a real-world LPWAN IoT deployment. By examining a specific scenario, we aim to demonstrate the tangible benefits that can be achieved through these efforts.

We go through how and why you should start profiling your IoT device, already from the first prototype, and estimate battery life. We will give you examples of waste management devices and how to analyze different battery profiles.

How to Pick the Right Battery for IoT

  • First pick based on battery data sheet
  • Power profile the IoT device (know the use case and application)
  • Profile & emulate batteries for the specific IoT device/application
  • Iterate the last two throughout product development project

Understanding the unique power consumption behavior of an IoT device goes beyond simple data sheet information, allowing for a precise analysis of battery efficiency, stability, and relevance for a specific project’s deployment. Through rigorous profiling across various battery brands, chemistries, and form factors, we reveal the subtle differences in performance that guide tailored decision-making. Our findings, which look beyond mere data sheet capacities, offer insights vital to robust and resilient IoT device design, while also recognizing that future profiling in varying environmental conditions can add even more depth to our comprehension.

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