London workshop in collaboration with Hardware Academy

December 14, 2017

Two weeks ago, Qoitech’s team traveled to London to host a workshop in collaboration with Hardware Academy on the topic “Optimizing IoT products for longer battery life”. The goal of the workshop was to enable local hardware and software developers in energy optimization of their products and applications.

During a three hour hands-on workshop, developers throughout the stack learned about:

  1. Characterization of power consumption
  2. Power consumption debugging
  3. How to work with energy optimization on a daily basis
  4. What the Otii tool is, and how to use it

Workshop participants got a chance to test their own devices and learn how important it is to check the levels of battery consumption throughout the development process, rather than just once at the end of the development phase.

We were very excited to meet so many fellow startup makers, learn about their bright ideas, and see the Otii tool used in hardware and software development.

We were also very excited for such positive feedback and hope to plan more workshops in the future.

Some quotes from the participants:

“The tech was explained just right, the guys supporting were friendly and helpful” “Nice to see engineers from a company talking openly about their hardware” “Much needed tool, should be promoted more among makers”

To learn more about Otii and what it can do for your IoT device, watch our YouTube Videos.

If you have questions on energy optimization or want to share your accomplishments, go to our forum. We are listening.

Launched in 2015, Hardware Academy is a training platform that aims to connect IoT technology and service providers (semiconductor companies, cloud companies, electronic components distributors) with engineers, technical teams, and developers who work for large and small enterprises. (


Kick-off at Cocoon Networks 30th November 2017
Hard at work measuring and testing 30th November 2017


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