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Optimize LoRaWAN device’s longevity with smart energy sourcing

Optimize LoRaWAN device’s longevity with smart energy sourcing

January 22, 2020

You are designing the next big LoRaWAN solution, and you want the devices to be small, cheap and long-lived. The choice of the energy source will make or break your product! Picking the right battery or any other energy source for your IoT devices is a complex and time-consuming task. Join the workshop to learn methods to make this task a shorter and efficient part of your development process. Future-proof your solution!

The title of the workshop: Energy sourcing for a future-proofed LoRaWAN device
Duration: 60 min
Timeslots: Thursday 30 January 2020 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Friday 31 January 2020 10:30 am – 11:30 am

What can you expect from the workshop? The workshop addresses the challenges of powering the IoT device and how to navigate these challenges with the right knowledge, methods and tools. The workshop content is based on real use cases and products; hence realistic examples are showcased and discussed. One the cases uses our customer Sensative latest product LoRa Strip, being launched at The Things Conference. Furthermore, each participant will receive an extended article on coin cell batteries for LoRaWAN devices.

Here is a short version of it.

Who is the workshop for?
The workshop is designed for professionals with a technical background (developers, embedded engineers, software engineers, CTOs, tech team leaders) who are looking for a more efficient (and more affordable) ways to design long-lived IoT. Solid knowledge of electronics and hardware design is expected.

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