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Webinar on optimizing cellular IoT power efficiency

Webinar on optimizing cellular IoT power efficiency

January 10, 2024

Improving cellular power efficiency with network-side control for IoT devices

In collaboration with Soracom, join this in-depth webinar exploring network-side control strategies to reduce power consumption in cellular networks for IoT devices. Led by Markus Pihl, an IoT Connectivity Specialist at Soracom, this technical demonstration offers valuable insights for developers focused on improving IoT cellular connectivity’s power efficiency. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your expertise!

Seeing is believing – power measurements to learn from

We’re thrilled to count Soracom developers among our customers and witness the diverse ways Otii is used to develop and educate on the low power aspect of 3GPP cellular connectivity. The webinar will showcase a practical use case: conducting regression power measurements to analyze for changes made in Power Saving Modes (PSM) within cellular networks. Discover how Soracom’s innovative platform feature enables developers to modify these power-saving modes effortlessly.

Gain valuable insights into:

  1. Optimizing IoT device settings: Explore the challenges of adapting the IoT device settings to different cellular environments and unlock the potential of network-side control for power-saving features.
  2. Network-controlled adaptations: Follow a step-by-step guide on modifying eDRX values through the Soracom API push. Witness the seamless implementation of these changes on an LTE-M connected Sony Spresense, without disrupting data transmission or requiring active changes on the device.
  3. Impact analysis: Using Otii Arc Pro, this webinar will showcase the before-and-after power profiles of the device. It will demonstrate the substantial impact of eDRX value adjustments on power efficiency, providing valuable insights for optimizing cellular power consumption in IoT devices.

Who should attend?

This webinar is a must-attend for cellular device and application builders/engineers, CTOs, and IoT enthusiasts eager to leverage cellular connectivity’s power efficiency. By joining, you’ll gain valuable knowledge on controlling your IoT devices’ power consumption through network-side adaptations.

Watch the webinar on-demand now to unlock the full potential of Otii in empowering your IoT development journey.

Improving Cellular Power Efficiency with Network-Side Control for IoT Devices with Markus Pihl from Soracom

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