Experience Otii in action at IoT solutions world congress in Barcelona

October 11, 2018

We are packing Otiis and getting ready for all the exciting demos we will be a part of in Barcelona next week. We’ve been chosen as the go-to energy optimization solution for demos and workshops during the event by two leading telecom operators Orange and Telefonica, and by Sony to demonstrate their low power solutions.

Will you be there? If so, you have to experience our disruptive power analyzer! Ping us!

What’s the plan?

15th of October

Kick off IoTS WC with Telefonica’s Mobile IoT Workshop – Building LPWA e2e IoT Solutions, at The Thinx 5GBarcelona Collaboration Space, where Otii was chosen as the only energy optimization solution to showcase measurements of energy consumption. Click here to sign up.

16-18th of October

Otii will be a part of low power solutions demo at the Sony booth, specifically showcasing the power consumption of Sony ultra-low GNSS solution.

Sony Booth: A167

Otii will also be a part of the Orange booth, demonstrating live LTE-M services to highlight the potential of low energy consumption for Massive IoT, paving the way to 5G IoT, together with Ercogener.

Orange Booth: E511

Get your IoT #Otiimized

Get a glimpse of our GNSS Demo below:


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