Software release 2.5.0

Mar 15, 2019
  • Important: When getting rx data with get_channel_data in Lua, all control codes will now be stripped. If you want them, set the new optional argument to false.
  • Add TCP Server. You can now access Otii over TCP from the language of your choice. Enterprise license required.
  • Add support for more than 5 simultaneous devices.
  • Add Save As PNG in the graph context menu.
  • Add GPO and 5V control below the power switch for Arc. HW 1.1 or later required for 5V.
  • Improve the log view with a few new options. It’s now possible to show the delta time between log prints, as well as the wall clock. It’s also possible to show, or strip, control codes.
  • Add release notes into the application. They will pop up once for each new release. Also accessible from the Help menu.
  • Add zoom in/out on CTRL +/-.
  • Add possibility to set batteries in series and parallel when using the battery simulator. Enterprise license required.
  • Lua scripting changes:
    Add support for setting and getting the offset of a recording.
    Add support for format the timestamp using the timestamp() function.
    Correct otii.mkdir for relative paths.

This version is no longer available for download

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