Software release 2.4.0

Dec 19, 2018
  • Add Set Height… to the graph context menu. This enables you to specify the min and max value for the Y-axis.
  • Add Goto Time… to the graph context menu.
  • Add a preference to enable HighDPI support.
  • Move visualizations to the bottom of the sidebar to allow more space for recordings.
  • Always show decimal format in statistics. Avoid scientific notation and prevent showing ridiculously small numbers.
  • Clear uart buffer when starting new recording. Sometimes data from a previous recording was added in the beginning.
  • Fail opening a project instantly if there’s insufficient space in the temporary storage location.
  • Fix a bug which caused statistics not to be updated when a recording was unhidden.
  • Add a new and improved battery profiling example script.
  • Help updates.

This version is no longer available for download

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