Software release 2.2.0

Sep 17, 2018
  • To benefit from all these changes, make sure to update to 1.0.10 firmware.
  • Add support for Tx in the Arc and Uart log views.
  • Energy is now stored internally as joules. When opening an old project it will be converted.
  • Add a junit.lua example script. It’s intended to be used as a base for continuous integration setups.
  • Add a check box in the Scripting window to open the same file the next time you launch Otii.
  • Add a confirmation dialog when deleting a recording.
  • Uart Rx no longer discards one character if LFCR was used for line ending instead of CRLF.
  • Fix Uart Rx when using multiple Arcs. The data could get mixed up between devices.
  • Add a scrollbar to expanded graph statistics.
  • Fix two crashes.
  • Help and scripting documentation updates.
  • Scripting updates:
    Improve write_tx command. It no longer interferes with your line endings.
    Fix battery profiling when using multiple Arcs in the same Lua script. The data could get mixed up between the devices.

This version is no longer available for download

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