Software release 2.0.0

May 14, 2018
  • All Lua commands now expect and return SI units, volts instead of millivolts etc.
    Please note that this may break backward compatibility for existing scripts.
    The command msleep remains the same, still expecting milliseconds.
    The command get_devices will now require a device type and should currently always be set to ‘Arc’. This is added to cause early failure on all existing scripts so you don’t accidentally continue with incorrect units.
  • Support for NordicPPK is now disabled by default, you can enable it in preferences.
  • OpenGL rendering is now enabled by default on all platforms. If you experience any problems with this you can turn it off in preferences.
  • Improve battery simulation:
    Functionality move to firmware which makes it much more responsive.
    The UI is reworked and now reflects the current state when tracking.
    Lua scripting functions are added to control battery simulation from script.
    Make sure to upgrade your firmware to 1.0.8.
  • Add support for GPI pins in UI. You can now visualize them along with other graphs.
  • Add support for the SENSE pins. Before using them make sure that they are calibrated. See the documentation for information about this.
  • Redesign the calibration dialog. Enable selection of device(s) to calibrate and add support for calibrating SENSE pins.
  • Make the sidebar on the left resizable.
  • Add support to compress the .otii project file. This is enabled by default in preferences.
  • Add a notification for new firmware available for your Arc.
  • Show disconnected in project settings when Arc or PPK is disconnected.
  • Prevent sleep mode on Windows while Otii is running with Arc connected.
  • Add an info tab to the Arc project settings. It shows what HW & FW version is in use and provides easy access to name change.
  • Add an info tab to the Uart project settings. It shows information about the Uart device such as port, vendor id and product id. There’s also a button to press if you never wish to see this type of device again.
  • Handle CTRL+C in otiicli and exit more gracefully.
  • Add a copy command to the log view (and CTRL+C / CMD+C shortcut).
  • Don’t allow cropping away more than 95% of data without a warning to prevent accidentally cropping away all data.
  • Add alerts for common hardware error conditions, e.g. low vbus and over voltage.
  • Timestamp in CSV export is now in seconds. Also increase precision for samples.
  • Add headers to CSV export so you know what the different columns are.
  • Add a notification if export to CSV fails. It failed silently before.
  • Various fixes when re-assigning a project to a different Arc.
  • Improve default zoom state and positioning of graphs.
  • Fix a few scenarios where the battery list was not updated correctly.
  • Device name should now be updated in all places when you rename your Arc.
  • Fix a bug where a license could be locked in some scenarios.
  • otiicli now logs to otiicli.log in the otii folder of your documentation folder.
  • Print warnings to stdout when running otiicli.
  • Print warning when starting otiicli with otii running.
  • Lots of UI improvements.
  • Numerous other minor bug corrections.
  • Fix a few crashes.
  • Lua scripting updates:
    Add channels vb (VBUS voltage), vj (DC-jack voltage) & tp (temperature).
    Enhance battery profiling capabilities. You can now specify constant-power and constant-resistance in your battery profile.
    Improve error handling, in particular for errors in the onStop-handler.
    Add a rename_recording function.
    get_devices now only return devices which are connected.
    Update project:save to return an error when saving fails.
    Add support for doing 4-wire measurements using SENSE.
    Add support for setting an internal resistance to be emulated in the Arc.
    Fix UART RX support.
    Add support for get_version to also provide firmware version.
    Updates to example scripts.

This version is no longer available for download

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