Software release 1.3.0

Jun 29, 2017
  • This release adds support for our Arc hardware which brings features such as battery simulation and scripting. See features for more details.
  • Add shortcut for clear selection (CTRL+SHIFT+A / SHIFT+CMD+A).
  • Improve input boxes in settings, (e.g. correct handling of comma separator).
  • Reduce RAM usage per recording.
  • Update the included help.
  • Improve handling of temporary directory for current project.
  • Reduce time to start a recording, especially on Windows.
  • Add more baudrates to UART settings.
  • Fix an offset error in the graph drawing that resulted in incorrect data.
  • Fix a problem where deleted data wasn’t deleted from saved project.
  • Fix a graph problem where a horizontal line was drawn to the beginning of time.
  • Better handling of projects with mixed recordings from different devices connected at different times.
  • Menus are now enabled when the start screen is visible.
  • Ask user if the want to discard current project before opening the file open dialog instead of after.
  • Fix Save As shortcut on Windows (CTRL+SHIFT+S).

This version is no longer available for download

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