Software release 1.2.0

Apr 13, 2017
  • Extend trial period to end of June.
  • Greatly reduce RAM usage.
  • New plot view concept:
    Possible to fit width / height independently of each other.
    Changed the pause/resume behavior to only affect “follow graph”, recording always continues.
    Add select all.
    Add fit selection.
    Button on every graph to control the view.
  • Add crop functionality.
  • Add downsampling functionality.
  • Add a line selection that follows cursor when nothing is selected, updates statistics on the fly.
  • Add support to resize your selection by dragging at it’s edges.
  • Add support to make selections down to a microsecond (previous milliseconds)
  • Update statistics display, should hopefully be easier to see which belongs to which graph now.
  • Now pause scrolling when clicking on scrollbars and log view.
  • Fix a situation where UART logging would not work in a new project if it was enabled in the previous project.
  • General improvements to scrollbars.
  • Correct average calculations. Earlier we used an approximation but now we calculate the exact value.
  • Correct energy calculations. It now interpolates correctly if you make a selection that starts or ends between samples.
  • Fix Linux graphic issues, for real this time.
  • Add support for individual power switches.
  • Settings window is now only on top of application and not on top of all windows.
  • Fix a crash when enabling a data source during an ongoing recording.
  • Fix a crash in the rare case that two red notifications were to be shown.
  • Performance improvements in the graph drawing.
  • Documentation updates.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

This version is no longer available for download

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