Software release 1.5.0

Oct 25, 2017
  • Premium: Add feature to import existing log files into the project.
  • Rework the log view, it should now work better with many recordings.
  • Show the splash screen again when closing a project.
  • Connected Otii Arc grants standard license, you no longer need an account to use the Otii Arc.
  • Use proxy settings from Gnome if available.
  • New more usable file dialogs on Linux.
  • The max supply voltage you can set is now updated dynamically depending on presence of DC-jack and if you are in auto current range or not.
  • Fix that the Otii Arc reverts back to a previous name when opening an old project.
  • Selection is now correctly moved when resizing the Otii window.
  • Default to all files in file dialogs on Linux.
  • Reduce Debian package size by better compression.
  • Updates to included help.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.

This version is no longer available for download

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