Energy efficiency – an integral part of quality assurance

Scale your power measurements with ease. 

Cut verification time and cost by 25%.

Automate power quality assurance across the teams, disciplines and suppliers. 

Qualify components, technologies and suppliers faster. 

Qualification for low power design and cost

Characterize and qualify components, platforms and software for low power consumption. Our solutions enable easy and fast benchmarks of power performance in prototyping, development and second sourcing of technologies, batteries and suppliers. 

Cut the cost of the components. Benchmark confidently.

Power quality assurance for volumes

The diversity of applications, use scenarios and products elevate the complexity of testing. Whether in the production or the verification labs, our solutions ensure flexibility in building and scaling measurement set-ups to fit the project’s and company’s needs. 

Cut the cost and time in small and large-scale testing.

Accessible measurements for field applications

To ensure and guarantee low power design and battery life testing and verification go beyond labs.  Find our solutions portable, flexible and scalable in the most complex of field use cases and environments. 

Cut the cost and time in field measurements. Ensure quality in realistic use scenarios. 

Time efficient hardware and firmware iterations

Changes in hardware and firmware in product development and maintenance are inevitable. Our solutions enable easy and fast regression testing of power consumption on the developers’ benches or in automated setups (support for scripting).

Every change matters. Every change can make or break your product’s energy profile.

Avoid power consumption firefighting in product development.

Proven tools for
QA of energy efficiency.

Used in: 

  • production testing 
  • continuous integration set-ups for software quality assurance
  • regression testing and benchmark during product development 
  • field testing
  • final test for certifications

QA team’s favorites

Otii box

Otii Arc

Supply/source up to 5 V. 
Sampling rate up to 4 ksps.

Incl. free Basic Otii Software

From $799

Otii Ace

Supply/source up to 25 V. 
Sampling rate up to 50 ksps.

Incl. 1 year Pro Otii Software subscription



works on all Otii boxes

Software add-ons

requires Otii Pro

Otii Pro

The developer’s HERO software for everyday low-power measurements and optimization tasks. 

$199 /year

Introduction offer:

$149 /year or $14 /month

Otii Automation Toolbox

Automate your measurements with a wide range of scripting capabilities. 

$599 /year or $59 /month

Otii Battery Toolbox


Profile and emulate batteries for your specific application. Get a reliable battery life estimation throughout your project.

$499 /year or $49 /month

Customize your energy efficiency QA
across the company


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