What are the purchase terms for the subscription?

When purchasing a subscription the FastSpring purchase terms apply. 

If you have issues, please contact them here and fill out the form regarding your issue

How do I renew my license?

If you have purchased your Otii toolbox at one of our resellers and you would like to renew it, contact our sales team and we’ll renew your license and transfer you to the new system.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

All three toolboxes – Battery Toolbox, Automation Toolbox, Log Toolbox – can either be purchased individually or all three together as the value pack Otii All Pack.
If you have already purchased one or two toolboxes you can easily upgrade to Otii All Pack. To do so please contact our Sales team.

If you have purchased two toolboxes or Otii All Pack you can easily cancel the toolboxes you don’t need anymore starting the next billing cycle. Manage your subscription by following the link in your confirmation email.

What subscription options are there?

Yearly Subscription
All three toolboxes – Battery Toolbox, Automation Toolbox, Log Toolbox – as well as the Otii All Pack can be purchased as a yearly subscription with staggered pricing. The subscription renews automatically on a yearly basis. The last price adjustment is made in the third year. 

Monthly Subscription
All three toolboxes and Otii All Pack can be purchased as a monthly subscription. The subscription renews on a monthly basis until cancelled with a termination period of 30 days. 

Each license purchased is valid for one device. You can’t activate your license on two different computers. 

Having issues with payment in our e-store?

Our e-commerce platform is provided by FastSpring, so for fastest response, please contact them here and fill out the form regarding your issue

What happened to the Enterprise license?

The Enterprise license as well as high-volume offers are still available upon request. Contact us directly.

What does the word Otii mean?

Otii comes from the latin word for rest, peace. In technical terms that is idle mode. For mobile and IoT devices, idle mode is a desired activity state. The more the device is in idle mode the less energy is consumed, assuming that the design is done right. With the Otii solution you, as the developer, have a perfect tool to help you optimize and secure longevity of the battery and your product.

Why does ADC measure differently than main current measurement?

If you supply your device with main and at the same time measure the current consumption over a sense resistor into ADC, then the measurements will not be the same. The reason for this is:

  1. The current measurement resolution is higher for the main current measurement than for the ADC current measurement.
  2. There is a leakage into the ADC pins, in the order of 10uA, and this current will be measured by the main current measurement but not by the ADC current measurement.
  3. There is a bigger offset error for the ADC measurement than for the main current measurement.

So you will get the most accurate measurement by using the main current measurement.

Warranty and return policy?

We have a 14 days return policy, that means that if you are unhappy with your Otii then it is OK to return it to us within 14 days from purchase. We also have a warranty of 12 months for hardware faults, if it is not due to mis-use of the device.

How does Otii handle short pulses since the sampling rate is 4ksps?

Look at this YouTube video, where we show how Otii measures short pulses:

What battery model is used when Otii emulates a battery?

Otii models the battery with an OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) and Ri (internal resistance of the battery). OCV and Ri is measured for the complete capacity of the battery and is stored in a battery profile .json file. The resolution of the Ri is dependent on the difference between the high-current and the low-current during the profiling so a low resistance battery, for example Li-Ion, needs a bigger difference between high-current and low-current, than when profiling a high resistance battery, for example a coin-cell.

Can several users use the same license?

The license is connected to the user account, not to a computer or a specific Otii Arc. It is possible to share the license between people by using the same account, but only one can reserve it at the same time.

In the license manager (Account -> Licenses) it is possible to reserve and return licenses. You can reserve more than one license at a time.

How do I select the right power supply?

If you choose to run with an external DC adapter, we recommend you to pick one from an established supplier. The adapter should be low noise, approved for IEC 60950-1 as a Limited Power Source.

The output from the DC adapter can be in the range 7-9V. We recommend 9V in case you have a voltage drop in the supply cables. Pick an adapter that is able to provide a little more than the output current you will need. Be aware that the voltage drop in most cables at 5A is not negligible.

Otii Arc voltage output range: 0-4.2V, 0-200mA
In most cases, the power supplied by your computer’s USB Host will be sufficient. However, not all computer USB Hosts are created equal, and if you experience problems you might need an external power supply, see the next section. Hint: By enabling ”meters” (Device => Meters) you can see the actual voltage of your Otii. VBUS is the USB voltage. If this goes below 4.75V, you should switch to an external DC adapter. The input voltage from the external DC connector is also monitored (VDC) and this should not go below 7V.

Otii Arc voltage output range: 0-5V, 0-2A continuous current
For this you should use an external AC/DC adapter. There are many good ones available, and we recommend you pick a certified one of good quality with sufficient power rating and 7-9VDC output. XP Power VER18US090-JA, providing up to 2A, and available through, has received good feedback.

Otii Arc voltage output range: 0-5V, 0-2.5A continuous current, 5A peak current
Again, use an external power supply. However, many AC/DC adapters with a rating above 2A have been found to be quite noisy, so you should really be careful about the quality when looking for good measurements and working in these ranges. We recommend you use a good certified lab power supply. Extech 382260 available through Amazon and others has received good feedback. Make sure your lab supply can handle the maximum peak current your device possibly can surge. Be aware of the + and – signs for the DC input.

Where can I find the Otii software?

The Otii software can be downloaded from

How do I activate my license?

To activate a license, please sign in or register at Go to User/Licenses to add a new or renew an existing license, by entering the license activation key sent to you in an email.

Your active licenses are listed as available under Licenses in the Account menu of the Otii software. Select the license you want to use and select Reserve.

How do I create a Qoitech account?

Go to or click Sign up in the web page footer to start creating your account. A Qoitech account is needed to login to the Otii application and retreive your license, to post on the forum and to submit support cases. The username you select is used to login to your account and as your alias when posting on the forum. To finalize the registration you must enter the verification code that is sent to your registered email address.

Which operating systems does Otii support?

Otii supports Windows, macOS and Linux (Ubuntu).

What is the Otii Arc?

Otii is an energy consumption analysis tool for optimizing devices and apps. It enables users to quickly understand the energy consumption of the products that they are working on, with the goal of making more sustainable and more energy efficient devices.


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