Welcome to the Embedded World family!

March 7, 2019

Embedded World is the world’s leading meeting place for the embedded community – and we were excited to be there for the first time.

We felt hugely welcomed by Embedded World organizers, other exhibitors, and guests at the conference despite being a small team in the context of the usual, widely known exhibitors and sponsors. People were curious about us and our product and it did not take long before we had a great stream of visitors at our booth, engaged in the demo and excited about our product Otii. We were especially happy to have a number of our customers, dropping by just to say hi and how much they love our tool. It is a very cool feeling of creating something that helps people do their jobs even better!

Excited Qoitech team on day one of the event.

Our days at Embedded World may have been busy but they were not rushed – we took the time to really understand what people wanted and ensured they knew how to utilize Otii as a critical step in achieving their goals. Both us asking guests questions on how they currently consider design for maximal usage of the battery and them asking us about our work and experience stimulated great conversations that are sure to feed back into our work.

Sony demoing their Ultra Low Power GNSS solution with Otii.

Special thanks to our customer Sony Semiconductors, who demoed their Ultra Low power GNSS solution with Otii in our booth, showcasing the impact of a great tool can have not only on the design and the end product quality but also on how that product can be presented to the customers, and verified to deliver on the power numbers.

We met some really great people at Embedded, current customers, customers to be, journalists and potential new partners that we are looking forward to continue conversations with. And of course some more committed to the power industry than others, like the Embedded Computing editor Alix Paultre, and his famous circuit tattoo.

Furthermore, we loved catching up with our distributor Digikey, and looking into the future together.

Great dinner and networking at Digikey Embedded World get together.

All in all, there were two keynotes, 42 sessions, 12 classes, 226 presentations 185 hours – almost eight full days – of knowledge shared Embedded World 2019. Not to mention countless demos on our part. It’s a good thing that Otii is more durable than we are!

Qoitech engineers gearing to go after setting the booth up.

And although we had the chance to pick many fantastic brains over the last few days, we’d like to hear more. That’s why we’re running a competition for one lucky person to win a free Otii. All you have to do is share some thoughts about power and battery optimization in this quick and easy form. By doing this, you’ll help us better understand the community and explore ways in which both software and hardware developers can include battery optimization in their R&D. There are only a few days left to enter!

The Qoitech Team


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