Join us at The Things Conference 19′ in Amsterdam

December 8, 2018

What’s the plan?

  1. Come by our booth at the conference with your device and measure its battery life
  2. Watch a keynote of our Founder & CEO Vanja Samuelsson on bettering the battery life of IoT
  3. Just come by our booth to say hi and learn more on energy optimization

Make sure to book your demo here.

To measure your device at our booth, make sure to:

  1. Bring your own IoT device with a battery voltage between 0,5 – 5V (check the tech spec of Otii to see if it matches).
  2. If you want to sync debug logs with power consumption make sure that the UART Tx is exposed as 0.64mm square pin on your IoT device.

About the event:

To meet the increasing demand for LoRaWAN products, The Things Network is organizing The Things Conference, aimed at bringing 2000 LoRaWAN developers, innovators and integrators to Amsterdam. Wienke Giezeman, Initiator of The Things Network explains: “The world is screaming for LoRaWAN experts, capable of creating the next generation of connected solutions. Therefore, I’m very excited to host 2000 people at The Things Conference where experts are born, ideas are shared and partnerships are built.”

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See you there!

The Qoitech Team


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