Teaming up with Thales for the low power 5G NB-IoT developer starter kit at Digikey

September 15, 2020

You may be considering cellular LPWAN technologies for your next big project and wondering about that low power performance. You may be thinking that assessing application parameters, calculating battery lifetime and estimating performance across a range of environmental and network dynamics may be just a few of the challenges ahead of you. In fact, there seems to be a sheer endless number of factors to take into consideration when getting to understand a device power profile.

But let us tell you this: we hear you! We teamed up with Thales to tackle these challenges and provide you with insights on low power performances of the NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies. But not just that: We also thought you may want to have an easy start in getting this knowledge and experience, hands-on, yourself! So together with our partner in common, Digikey, the engineering team at Thales and we compiled a starter kit for developers to smoothly embark on their low power IoT cellular journey.

The 5G NB-IoT Low-Power Cellular Developer Starter Kit

So, what can you expect? We’ve combined Thales’ ENS22-E NB-IOT dev kit with our Otii Arc, added some good-to-have accessories and created the 5G NB-IoT Low-Power Cellular Developer Starter Kit – which you can now buy through Digi-Key.

Otii Arc’s functionality as a power analyzer, power supply, and log sync (yes, all in one) complements Thales’ DevKit to better evaluate and prototype narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity and its energy consumption. The combination of both will allow you to quickly test prototypes in a laboratory environment. Smoothly connect sensors, actuators, or any other additional interfaces to external applications via pin headers before conducting your current and voltage measurements in real-time, enabling analysis of an energy profile synced to device UART logs.

Once you have the starter kit, tune in to our Youtube channel for the deep dive with Thales on the power saving modes, how to set them, and what to expect when measuring. Also, don’t miss the hands-on tutorial on how to enable power saving modes in this tech paper at Digikey!


The Qoitech Team

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