Software release 1.5.0

October 25, 2017

Release 1.5.0 brings some new features along with several bug fixes. We’ve also released firmware version 1.0.5 for the Otii Arc, and we recommend all users to upgrade both. More information about the firmware towards the bottom of this post.

Premium users will now be able to import any log into Otii. Right-click an existing recording and select Import Log. This gives possibilities of syncing logs from different parts of the system. If, for example, you measure a BLE peripheral device with the Otii Arc you can also import logs from the BLE central device to get a complete view of how different activities impact your power consumption.

Speaking of logs, the log view has been redesigned and improved. Filters are carried over between tabs, and the tabs handle multiple recordings better, and will no longer disappear at the right side if you have too many.

The welcome screen is now shown every time you have a clear project view, so it will be easier to get going again after you have closed a project.

In the project settings, the supply level for Arc is now better handled as it automatically updates the max supply level according to the technical specification, i.e. it limits the max value if you don’t have a DC adapter connected and if auto range is enabled. Find more info about this in Help, linked directly from project settings.

We’ve also made a whole bunch of bug fixes, here are some of the more prominent ones:

  • Selection is now correctly moved when resizing the application window.
  • Arc should no longer change names when loading an old project with a different name in it.
  • New and improved file dialogs on Linux.
  • Better detection of proxy settings.

On the firmware side, there are also a number of important improvements. Reductions of noise has been done both in high range and also in <1mA current scenarios. In addition the supply voltage is now more accurately set and voltage spikes when switching range have been reduced.

We hope you like this new release. Ideas, feature request, bug reports and random banter is always welcome in our Forum.

For a complete list of changes please see our release notes.

Christer Fletcher Software Engineer at Qoitech

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