Scroll damnit! Software 2.5.0 released

March 21, 2019

A few days ago we released the 2.5.0 Otii desktop software, and a few days later the 1.1.1 Arc firmware was also released. We’ve made several improvements over the past few months and we’re listing some of the highlights.

Project settings for many devices

An improvement that many have asked for, and some have been oblivious to, is the ability to use more than 5 devices with Otii. This has long been one of our pain points and with 2.5.0 it has finally been fixed. The device list in Project Settings can now be scrolled so you can access all of your fancy Arcs and Uarts!

GPO and 5V Control

It’s now possible to control the GPO and 5V output from the UI. Switches have been added to the power switches area in the top left of the application.


An easy way to take a screenshot of the application has also been requested several times. You can now from a visualization, a graph or a log, right click and select Save As PNG. In the sub menu you then select if you want to save the entire application, all the visualization, or just the current visualization. The image will be grabbed as is, so any selection or statistics visible will be saved as well.

Some minor stuff has been added as well such as zoom in/out on CTRL++/CTRL+-, improvements to the log view and release notes available in the application.


In addition, two new features have been added for those with an enterprise license.

Otii can now be controlled over TCP. Set it up in the Preference dialog and check out the help for more information on the API.

Battery simulation has also been enhanced with capability to simulate batteries connected in series and/or parallel to each other.

For a complete list of changes in the software, please see the release notes.


The firmware has gotten the usual small improvements in various areas but especially the new handling of DC-jack detection are much awaited by some of you.

For a complete list of changes in the firmware, please see the release notes.

As always we really appreciate your feedback, so please tell us what you think of Otii in our forum.

Christer Fletcher
Software Developer at Qoitech


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