Qoitech’s Otii battery toolbox now in stock at Digikey

October 24, 2019

Lund, Sweden, 24th of October 2019 – Qoitech AB today announces the release of its new software add-on, Otii Battery Toolbox, and its availability on Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor.

Otii Battery Toolbox elevates Qoitech’s Otii Standard, which is the power supply, monitoring and analysis tool, to a comprehensive battery profiler and emulator. By enabling the software toolbox, the DC power supply feature of Otii Standard is extended with battery emulation from prerecorded, in-app provided battery profiles and, above all, the possibility to profile own batteries.

“Picking the right battery for your product and application is hard, and for the most part, you rely on data sheets that are seldom realistic for your application,” said Vanja Samuelsson, founder and CEO of Qoitech. “We see the need amongst our customers for an accessible and faster way of getting this done right.”

The set of features in the Otii Battery Toolbox is thoughtfully curated to give flexibility in profiling for different applications and replaying it on the device under test. It enables benchmarking and insights into fit between the intended battery, the device under test, and the application in mind. Furthermore, since the toolbox is used with Otii Standard, with its portable hardware, it opens for possibilities of profiling and evaluation of batteries beyond developer ́s desk, in realistic usage environments.

Otii Battery Toolbox is an annual software license and is available for electronic delivery, immediately from Digi-Key Electronics.


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