Otii – A part of energy efficient IoT demo at Ericsson Garage

May 3, 2018

With billions of IoT devices to come, energy efficiency becomes more and more of a ‘hot’ topic among developers, engineering managers and CTOs of growing and established companies developing smart devices. We are very proud to be a part of this discussion with international and established players, providing a solution for energy optimization measurements.

This spring, Otii was a part of a demo at the first Ericsson Garage tech talk on energy efficiency within the IoT space in Lund, Sweden. This event gathered around 80 people with different backgrounds within IoT and engineering, which gave the Qoitech team a great opportunity to engage in very interesting discussions on the topic, with the hosts from Ericsson and demo partner uBlox.

Niclas Palm from Ericsson Garage Lund is explaining the setup of the demo

The focus of this tech talk was on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) radio technologies, and how the battery life of IoT devices depends on both the design of the device, and the configuration of the network it is connected to. The demo showcased power efficiency on devices connected to the live NB-IoT and Cat-M1 networks. Otii was used to visualize the effect of the power save modes, PSM and DRX timers on a uBlox SARA R4 module, connected to the Ericsson Garage base station. The visualization of the power consumption throughout the activity cycles of the device is highly valuable for gaining insights on how to optimize the devices, but also how the network signaling works and how it can be adjusted to create more efficiency in the IoT eco system.

Otii Arc connected to uBlox SARA R4 module

“When developing new things, it’s really powerful to be able to monitor both the network, the device and the power they consume at the same time. This will allow developers throughout the stack to understand what amount of power an action consumes in real-time, and compare different solutions in order to find the one that is optimal for their particular product.” – sums up Martin Klitte, System Designer at Ericsson

Discussion during the demo with the attendees while displaying live measurements with the Otii software

At Qoitech, our goal is to spread the word about the importance of energy optimization and empower developers throughout the stack to measure, learn and optimize power consumption on their devices, throughout the development cycle.

To learn more about energy optimization through tutorials, visit our YouTube channel.

To find out more or reach out to Ericsson Garage, please follow this link.

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The Qoitech Team


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