Hello, constant power profiling! – software 2.6.3 released

July 28, 2020

We have just released our latest software 2.6.3 bringing your battery profiling to a new level. While it was only possible to discharge the battery with constant current before the update, you can now discharge the battery with constant power or constant resistance. This is great news for all of you that have DC/DC converters. Get the battery profile that really fits your system.
Just use the radio buttons to choose between constant current, power, or resistance. This is possible for both high discharge and low discharge setting. The input fields now also accept suffixes like mega (M), kilo (k), milli (m), and micro (u).

Constant current

Discharge your battery with a constant current. The current will not change as the battery voltage drops. This is similar to as if there were a linear regulator as load.

Constant power

Discharge the battery with constant power. Voltage is measured and discharge current is calculated to get set power. The discharge current will increase as the battery voltage drops during the profiling.

Constant resistance

Discharge batteries by simulating a resistance connected to the battery. The discharge current will decrease as the battery voltage drops during the profiling


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