Hardware pioneers demo night in munich

September 28, 2018

We love a strong startup community! Hence, we were very happy and honored to be chosen as one of the 20 up-and-coming European startups to deliver a pitch and a live demo during a Hardware Pioneers Demo Night in Munich at Telefonica’s Wayra.

The turnout is worth mentioning. Wayra’s office was full with all kinds of makers, founders and investors. Hardware (big and small) couldn’t be unnoticed. And we did enjoy the occasional beer in the spirit of the famous Oktoberfest!

Our pitch, done by our tech-extraordinaire Werner (check out our tutorials – he can explain it all) and Founder/CEO superwoman Vanja, was welcomed with agreeable nods and applause. And a flooded Otii stand, by interested attendees.

Until next time Munich!

The Qoitech Team


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