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September 14, 2017

We believe that you, as a developer, have a key role in how technology will shape our society. We are committed to help you bring to life the most energy efficient solutions within IoT space! The Otii solution is made by people like you, for you. It’s the first step in creating enablers for changing the mindset around what makes a product and a business successful and sustainable.

Who should use Otii:

  • Any developer, anywhere in the stack. Energy optimization can be done at any time, by hardware, embedded or app developers. No risk, only benefits – and more accurate information about the correlation between code and power consumption.
  • All developers, regardless of OS: Windows, Mac OS and Linux are supported.
  • Companies that care about sustainable mobile and IoT development, want to develop energy efficient products in a smart manner, and understand the benefits of energy optimization at any stage of product development.

We would like to hear your opinion on the importance of energy optimization in IoT – go to our forum and speak your mind. We are listening.

Qoitech Team

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