Are you our next Tech Hero?

September 9, 2019

This role is for you, a developer, who loves working with technology and product development but interested to take a step into tech marketing and sales. It is as challenging as it sounds since it requires developer skills and interest and skills to deepen the knowledge of business. Focus is on teaching tech to and learning from global community of highly knowledgeable professionals and makers. The role builds on what is traditionally known as Field Application Engineer with added passion for tech evangelism.

So, what does that really mean and what do you get to do?

This is how we see it. In this role you should:

  • Create tech content which means proficiency in English and copywriting skills are a must have. No, this doesn´t mean power points, but demos, training and tech papers. You have sound technical knowledge in this domain, and you are very good at, strategically and effectively, communicating with customers.
  • Proactively come up with Proof-Of-Concept (POC) for various use-cases and applications leveraging technologies available.
  • Be aware and proficient in technologies/products/tools relevant for this domain. You should take proactive efforts to understand the latest products, boards & tools available in the market.
  • You should have insights into the market trends and competition. Therefore, you are expected to be a quick learner and practitioner, who leverage market intelligence while consulting the customers on their product designs
  • You need to understand what drives sales and procurement decisions. The key is understanding the technical needs as well as user experience of the customers.
  • Be self-sufficient, but never feel alone! At Qoitech, we help and support each other to get things done and get the best out each individual.

Skill set:

  • Embedded systems
  • Solid knowledge of electronics and hardware design
  • Extra merits if you have experience with different connectivity technologies such as Wifi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, Lora, Zigbee and low power designs

General eligibility:
B.E/B./M.Sc. of Engineering such as Computer Science, Electronics
or a really great maker working in any of these fields!

What we offer is:

  • Diverse, knowledgeable and fun team to spend you working hours with
  • Scale-up company with high ambitions yet grounded in their key values of being and doing things in a simple, humble and credible way.
  • Business and technology domain that is one of the key enablers for sustainable technologies and products

About Qoitech:

At Qoitech, we are passionate about product longevity. We endeavour to make the most effective developer tools for energy optimisation of battery driven products. By enabling ease of use, our toolboxes help developers, throughout the stack, to develop for longer battery life, shorter development time and increased product quality.

With this thought in mind we’ve created our Otii – a very intuitive and affordable solution for every developer’s desk.

We’ve been on the market since July 2017, with happy customers from 30+ countries, from makers to fortune 500 companies.

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals, HW, SW and system engineers within the area of embedded engineering, HW design, IoT connectivity, with focus on product development and maintenance, customer service and tech content creation. The team foundation lies in over twenty years of experience in developing energy optimized smart devices for telecom market.

We are looking for passionate tech and marketing people who want to help us grow into number one go to place for energy optimization tools and knowledge.

Contact us and apply here!


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