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Battery Profiling and Measurement with Multiple Otii Arcs

Battery Profiling and Measurement with Multiple Otii Arcs

March 29, 2018

We got a question from our community members on whether you can use more than one Otii Arc simultaneously in the Otii desktop app. The answer is yes! It’s a much appreciated capability if you want to save time for iterative types of tasks. To showcase how this can be done, we made a Q&A video for you on the topic.

In the video, we use battery profiling as a good example of the use case for this capability. We profile two Li-ion batteries on two Otii Arcs. In the video you can see how it looks in the interface, and learn how to run scripts with multiple Arcs.

The example script used in this video can be downloaded below, so you can check out the details and modify it for your own use cases. The script in the video uses a few features which will be included in the next major desktop software release: 4-wire sensing and SI units.

In our regular releases we test four Otii Arcs simultaneously. Beyond that, the GUI presentation becomes less user friendly. However, with scripting the data can be collected and saved without involving the GUI. Contact us if you’re interested in running more than four Otii Arcs at the same time!

Keep on commenting and asking questions on our forum! We are listening!

The Qoitech Team

Learn more on scripting: